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'Get Creative'... What do you want?

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Strangefacetheatrecompany Wed 25-Mar-15 13:43:10

We run a theatre company called Strangeface and we specialise in making performances accessible to everyone.

We are interested to know if you and your family see theatre regularly. Would having access to free art related events in your area make you more likely to attend more performances and workshops as a family?
We make performances and workshops that centre around the use of masks and puppets, aimed at adults and children of all ages.

This weekend we will be holding performances at Broadview Garden Centre Tea Room and Larkfield Leisure Centre Caf� in Kent both of which will be free. We are used to performing in unusual spaces and these performances will be pushing that concept even further.

The BBC are running a nation-wide campaign in getting the public involved with arts projects within their local communities called �Get Creative�. We want to know what sort of events you are interested in seeing more of and the types of events you would like to attend yourself such as workshops, talks and performances.

We and other theatre companies are interested in what you have got to say so any suggestions or ideas are genuinely appreciated! After all, without you, we are unable to choose which of our ideas get transformed into reality!

MaitreKarlsson Thu 31-Mar-16 18:29:44

Sounds good and it's a pity you didn't get responses. If you're still looking for feedback try the mumsnet local sites, like Merton/Wandsworth/etc. culture vultures is sadly a bit neglected...

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