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can anyone start a topic or exercise on this

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mummytojames Sun 25-Apr-04 23:01:30

the reason i was asking was because i thought of a good one where you have to use words to describe feelings and things that has happened through colors

goosey Sun 25-Apr-04 23:09:39

Sounds intriguing ... tell me more?
Have you already written something along those lines? If so then post away and I'm sure others will follow if the creative inspiration takes them.

mummytojames Sun 25-Apr-04 23:14:49

its simple realy but you got to think about it
like i went out today and i was feeling realy blue but i couldnt understand why beause it was red hot out side the yellow sun was shining so bright that i thought that the yellow was realy a brite white i saw a couple walking on the other side and i felt green with anger thinking no feeling how could they have the love of the green fields and the passion of the sky just as the sun is dipping into the cold blue sea the the flare of a red hot sky

something like that

CountessDracula Sun 25-Apr-04 23:16:50

Like a Purple Patch - where a football team is playing so well it's silly?

goosey Sun 25-Apr-04 23:17:50

I see what you mean - yes that will be fun to have a go at. Watch this space!
Thanks mummytojames
ps. I'm a mummy to a James too.

goosey Sun 25-Apr-04 23:18:50

Argyle!!!! Argyle!!!! yey!!!

mummytojames Sun 25-Apr-04 23:19:26

cd i have read what you wrote twice and feeling a bit confused

and gossey a nice traditional name

goosey Sun 25-Apr-04 23:21:24

yes, makes up for not having a traditional mummy!

mummytojames Sun 25-Apr-04 23:23:05

what is a traditional mummy i never had one for sure and my ds hasnt got one either

goosey Sun 25-Apr-04 23:27:56

a traditional mummy to me is one with endless selfless patience, hot buns and a clean pinney who never misses a parent's evening or a sport's day.
Definately not me - although I did have hot buns once a long time ago.

mummytojames Sun 25-Apr-04 23:32:10

would it ount if i went down to the shop brought some buns and zap them in the microwave for 10 seconds so there hot but i dont have to go through the hassel of making them dreading when i got to do the parent teacher nights i hated school when i had to go there definatley dont like the idea when i havent got to go there will try and make it to all the sports day advents though always wanted to be a cheerleader you could imagine it not realy on the small side jumping up and down going go james ra ra ra i think he would want to kill me lol

AussieSim Mon 26-Apr-04 08:38:49

That would be fantastic. Anyone should feel free to start whatever threads they want to on here including and especially the exercises. Good thread mummytojames.

goosey Mon 26-Apr-04 09:52:07

She was still now, as still and as cold as white marble, with a translucent blueness mottled throughout. He stopped his feast and stared with twisted delight into the deep, deep blackness of that place where all red eventually fades to grey. Stained and unsatisfied he moved on.

Janstar Mon 26-Apr-04 11:30:42

goosey, that is spooky!

papillon Mon 26-Apr-04 16:33:53

One colour above all others reigns supreme in my world. It is the colour that spring renews each year upon the tree frame. It soothes my soul, when I rest my eyes upon its tones and texture.

It is green, which rests on the hills where I was born, in the wilderness places I love to roam and is the colour of my eyes

mummytojames Wed 28-Apr-04 03:12:57

i have just got to read them and i got to say they are fantastic

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