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Any websites you would recommend?

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JeniN Sun 25-Apr-04 12:27:46

Just had to start this thread to say check out if you like writing and want to publish online. it's a great site where anyone can post their writing. The editors will 'cherry-pick' your pieces if they think they're good and you can log onto the discussion forum to ask for feedback if you want it. Anyone logging onto the site can choose to read a random piece if they want, and they can rate it (though sadly not many people bother to rate pieces that way). I found it really inspiring. Oh, they runs competitions sometimes too, and they're not really into long wordlimits or anything, so it's quite an easy site to participate in.

AussieSim Sun 25-Apr-04 18:10:58

Thanks for the recommendation JeniN. I think that they were well-rated in Writer's Digest Annual 100 Best Web Sites for Writer's here

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