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Writing letters to a magazine

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celandine Fri 23-Apr-04 20:31:22

I don't know about anyone else but the point of creative writing for me would be mainly to earn some money or at least get published. Of course I'd like to think I'd write regardess of the outcome ('for the art itself'), but I certainly wouldn't do it as well or be as dedicated without the financial incentive.

This in mind, what do people think about each writing a letter to a magazine and seeing if we can get published or even win some money or a prize? There's masses of choice out there. I've written a couple of letters to magazines and won Star Letter on my second one. It's a great mood lifter! We could show them to each other, say where we're hoping to send them and then wait for the outcome....

Any takers?

AussieSim Sat 24-Apr-04 07:28:10

I feel very similarly to you celandine and would love to do this. Being 'over here' I'm not sure who I would write to ... so I might need some ideas.

celandine Sat 24-Apr-04 10:30:14

Hi AussieSim, there's actually some websites which have lists of markets, mostly covering the UK and US, not sure about Australia, but they give contact details. We could all choose a target market from there perhaps. Or, perhaps just choose a magazine from the shelves in our local newsagents and write to that one, letting each other know which we've chosen. I could give you the address of any suitable ones if you wanted to write to UK ones.

One further suggestion is to keep the letters pages from whatever magazines you buy so you have a ready reference with addresses to send to and letter style if the mood ever takes you!

Try this for good market links.

AussieSim Sat 24-Apr-04 13:11:07

Thanks Celadine. I am in Germany, but plan to be back in Sydney in July/August. Most of the magazines I get to read here are chokka blok with international news, business and politics - not v motivating.

mummytojames Sat 24-Apr-04 16:20:15

i wouldnt mind reading the pieces you submit or even putting something on mumsnet myself but when it comes to putting it in a magazine not for me thanks i was freaking just reading the thought of doing it ever mind any further than that you see my writeing has alway been a ver private thing and the only reson i started posting on here (creative writing) was because my partner found a piece of my old stuff and told me its something the shouldnt be locked away so i said i would share on mumsnet because you are kind people who wouldnt judge my work to harshly

thanks for the idea anyway

AussieSim Sat 24-Apr-04 17:02:45

That's fine mummytojames - there is no pressure. The only writing I have done for the last nearly 2 years is journaling that no one else has read. This 'Club' is for all types of writers and writing activities - and of course it is a 'safe environment' for sharing (so long as no one disparages anyone for breastfeeding in public - hee hee).

papillon Sun 25-Apr-04 08:56:23

I would be interested in some financial incentive

Will look at the link you posted celandine...

Mirage Sun 25-Apr-04 18:46:48

Good Idea,

I have had a couple of letters printed before-mostly Gardening magazines.

The financial incentive would almost certainly spur me into action.I'm horribly behind on the
creative writing front at the mo!

celandine Sun 25-Apr-04 19:07:17

Excellent! The way I did it last time was to have a peek in magazines on the shelf and see what features they had in, thought of a strong comment I could make in a letter, then used the address I already had stored at home for them. Sneaky perhaps, but it saves buying new magazines all the time if you want to write to the big glossies. You also have to know what kind of length letters the magazines print (although they often edit them anyway) and the style of writing. E.g. A magazine targeted at successful career-woman (such as Red?) would print more 'intellectual' letters than others. Other than that, the cheaper ones such as Best, Woman, Women's Realm, Take-a-Break are brilliant as they accept really easy to write, funny letters, as well as tips and anecdotes (especially about funny things kids have done or said!) and they cost less than a quid to buy. They sometimes pay £10 per letter printed.

I think the bigger glossies e.g. Company, Cosmo, like to have letters about their previous features (either praising OR criticising) but the lower priced magazines accept general letters about pretty much anything so long as it would be of interest to their target readers. You can get good prizes or payment for these. Also, think about general interest magazines such as home, food and garden ones, which accept letters and tips too. Maybe buy a copy each of these so you know the style they require for you to use as reference in the future.

Also, you could try newpapers although you won't get paid for this, but would be great to see your words published anyhow!

I might take a look through a newsagents tomorrow and through my old files of magazines (probably all out of date by now) to get some inspiration. I know it would be so easy to do; now all we need to do is encourage each other to actually do it!

AussieSim, did you want me to give you some info on a UK magazine you could write to?

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