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Outlet for Shakespeare fans?

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Bavmorda Wed 21-Jan-15 19:27:28

I'd really like to get back into Shakespeare - I loved it at school and sixth form but neglected it afterwards for various reasons.

A cousin has just called her daughter Ophelia and I ended up YouTubing Hamlet and it reminded me how much I love the language. Aside from reading the plays alone (which my A-level teacher advised us not to do as they're "easily misinterpreted") does anyone know of any organisations for Shakespeare fans? I suppose I'm looking for something structured-ish like a kind of Shakespeare book club or something with occasional meet-ups. Something online would be OK.

Feels like a far fetched enquiry but I thought this the best place to start!

beachyhead Wed 21-Jan-15 19:33:39

I have no idea but I'd like to join smile I'm working my way through the plays at the moment and seeing as many as I can. I think you can read them on your own - I discovered the Sparks Notes when my dd1 was doing GCSE and they are pretty good at giving the basics of each character and even each scene if you fancy a bit of guidance....

Maybe rotate Comedy, Tragedy then History.....

Bavmorda Wed 21-Jan-15 19:54:40

Hi! I'm definitely going to have to see more plays. Will be alone though as DH thinks it's "pretentious rubbish"!

I posted the same question in Chat and someone mentioned a free online course with Futurelearn - apparently they're doing Hamlet atm. Am about to Google. Otherwise from a bit more Googling GoodReads have a Shakespeare forum where they read and discuss a play a month. This month Othello, next month Twelfth Night...

beachyhead Wed 21-Jan-15 22:20:10

I always go alone to plays... Much better... If I want dh to go, it has to be a musical.

I'll look at that forum, thanks.

MandMand Wed 21-Jan-15 22:26:24

There are some great free online Shakespeare courses available via the FutureLearn website if you want to get back into reading/watching the plays. A Hamlet one has just started this week, and I think Measure for Measure is starting soon too.

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