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Our own topic area!!

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popsycal Mon 19-Apr-04 19:59:03

Wow! Just found this by accident!

Tech - can the other writing threads be transferred over here?

Heathcliffscathy Mon 19-Apr-04 20:04:55


AussieSim Mon 19-Apr-04 20:44:34

Thanks guys. I also acknowledge that the name of the thread is more welcoming, although doesn't cover people who may be interested in non-fiction writing.

Here are the links to the other threads about writing, so far!


Writer's/would be Writer's Forum - who would be interested?


Exercise No. 1 "The Neighbours"

Exercise No. 2 "Spring has Sprung"

Tell us about Writers you have met

Evita Mon 19-Apr-04 21:05:05

AussieSim, I've only just caught up with all of this and read the links and think it's brilliant!

AussieSim Mon 19-Apr-04 21:45:15

Thanks Evita - see you on the next exercise then!

justiner Mon 19-Apr-04 23:09:52

Hi Pops,
Will move other threads over shortly.

papillon Tue 20-Apr-04 17:16:57

Yah! Just let out a cheer.
Our own board!!!

coppertop Tue 20-Apr-04 17:52:38

Yippeeeeeee! We've got a board!

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