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Does anyone know of a CD of children's songs with decent backing tracks? Can't bear that plinky plonk rubbish!

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Littlefish Mon 10-Jul-06 14:34:00

Well, the title says it all really!

Every CD of children's songs I've got has a revolting synthesised plinky plonk backing track, and is very badly sung by a group of overly shouty children.

My other bug bear is songs which are recorded at the wrong pitch for children to sing along too.

I really want a CD with all the usual songs and nursery rhymes on, but which are well sung, and with an orchestral or piano backing track

Any ideas anyone? Or am I just being a music snob?

Patonsmum10 Tue 23-Jan-18 16:37:56

Try 'The Original Mr. Men Songs' on eBay. Limited edition CD and also has a booklet with the words! Can't get enough of this.

Steve7770 Tue 23-Jan-18 13:59:14

Steve7770 Tue 23-Jan-18 13:58:10

Steve7770 Tue 23-Jan-18 13:55:57

Patonsmum10 Thu 04-Jan-18 11:36:48

The Original Mr. Men Songs, with Arthur Lowe, are available again but this time on CD - only through eBay though.
Comes with a sing-a-long booklet so no more boring car trips with nothing for them to do.

Patonsmum10 Thu 04-Jan-18 11:35:38

Why not try 'The Original Mr Men Songs' available only on eBay as a limited edition.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Thu 04-Jan-18 08:33:39

Elizabeth Mitchell You Are My Sunshine is a lovely CD.

Patonsmum10 Sun 26-Nov-17 20:54:11

The Original Mr. Men Songs, with Arthur Lowe, are available again but this time on CD - only through eBay though.
Comes with a sing-a-long booklet so no more boring car trips with nothing for them to do.

Starticus Sun 13-Mar-16 11:06:42

Excellent Songs for Children -
Real instruments, played by real musicians! Great songwriting and production. For 4-7yrs and parents!!

festivalwidow Wed 07-Mar-12 16:34:54

Rastamouse! I'm a fan...

Highlander Thu 10-Nov-11 09:55:08


He's a Canadian singer. The best CD is The Corner Grocery Store, and One Light One Sun is pretty good too.

PirateDinosaur Thu 14-Jul-11 21:12:29

The DCs and I like Laurie Berkner although she does sing the Wrong Tune (or at least Wrong Tempo) to "I Went To The Animal Fair".

DandyDan Thu 14-Jul-11 20:33:51

Pudding & Pie is a book/CD combination covering about 30 traditional nursery rhymes. Our kids grew up listening to a tape of this, without the book. The folky treatments of the rhymes works well and it isn't too twee, with children's choirs etc.

karenviolin Mon 16-May-11 18:11:50

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Littlefish Thu 13-Jul-06 17:22:08

Thanks Marina - I'll check it out.

Marina Thu 13-Jul-06 16:53:13

I kind of hesitate to post this one as it is likely to be either something you love or hate. But Saydisc do a charming CD of children's nursery rhymes sung by Vivien Ellis and the Broadside Band. It is CD-SDL 419 - you can't link direct.

It does sound suspiciously similar to Kathy's "twee" one with dulcimers I think but if you want the real words and melodies with all the verses this is the one for you.

Littlefish Thu 13-Jul-06 16:30:17

Thank you everyone for your lovely suggestions. I will print off the thread and buy the CDs one at a time when I've got enough money!!!!!

bundle Wed 12-Jul-06 14:30:40

I got a couple of cd's in woolies - Peter & the Wolf and Romeo & Juliet for my girls, but they're proper music that I don't mind listening to, we've all grown out of children's stuff and listen to eg the beatles, and ballets a lot more

Aero Wed 12-Jul-06 14:29:13

I recommend 'Bananaphone' . Seems you can get Raffi here after all.

CountessDracula Tue 11-Jul-06 23:03:27

Oh yes Dan Zanes - Night owl is great I love it

Blondilocks Tue 11-Jul-06 22:56:37

You're welcome. As I said the only problem is the songs get stuck in your head!!

I know what you mean about some of the children's music. I think the only other thing to do is to get them into "adult" music.

threebob Tue 11-Jul-06 22:54:52

Any CD by Julie Wylie - she uses real musicians, the correct pitch for children and pleasant voices including children.

She will ship overseas julie wylie

Teddy Bears Tango, Swing me a Song (new CD version) and Sing and Play are my favourites.

Aero Tue 11-Jul-06 22:43:22

Don't know if you can get the hold of Raffi CDs in this country, but if you can, they're well worth it. Think Amazon stock a few, but this one is great if you can get it. I defy anyone not to singalong.

harpsichordcarrier Tue 11-Jul-06 22:28:20

I am a music snob too but I really love this stuff....

harpsichordcarrier Tue 11-Jul-06 22:25:22

I love Dan Zanes
hold on will find the old thread

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