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This sceptred isle.

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joelalie Tue 06-Jun-06 16:49:33

Is driving me mad. It's on every afternoon just as I get back from work and am making tomorrows packed lunches. I truly hate this depressing, tedious, endless epic. It never seems to end - I'm sure it's laster longer than the original British Empire did!!!! . And this is a repeat - I think - it all seems to blend into one long miserable whinge. Now I'm not a defender or empires - British or otherwise - but this is so totally, 100% negative. William Wilberforce was one of my ancestors - and we tend to be quite proud of him - but TSI just dismissed him because if it wasn't for the British Empire slavery wouldn't have needed to be abolished anyway.... OK, that's true but not the point surely.

Perhaps it's intended to be used as an antidote to a good old-fashioned jingoistic 'may the sun never set' version of the history of the British Empire. Just to provide balance.

I never turn off Radio 4 - it's the soundtrack of my dull, middle-class life - but TSI actually makes me do so.

Does anyone else feel like that? Or is it just me? Does anyone else even the program?

Ps Sorry if this is the wrong place but there doesn't seem to be a Radio forum.

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