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DS has just been on TV

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threebob Tue 30-May-06 02:15:11

We went because they needed a 3 year old boy to model a sheep costume, and it ended up with ds singing baa baa black sheep and being interviewed about what toys he liked. He is 3.3 so I am amazed at how well he did, chatting away for 5 minutes to the presenter.

It's a local channel though so we have a crap reception! They offered him his own show - but ds doesn't realise they were joking and wants to know when he's going back in the frog costume.

Californifrau Tue 30-May-06 03:53:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

threebob Tue 30-May-06 04:00:16

Have found a friend of a friend 20km away who has perfect recpetion and will put it on DVD for us. Yippee

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