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Matilda Musical is it suitable for a just turned 6 year old?

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ssmile Sun 28-Apr-13 20:54:12

Thinking of taking my eldest DD who has just turned 6 to London for a girliee night away with mummy in the summer holidays and I would like to go see a musical that she would enjoy. Would Matilda be suitable? She is quite a sensitive child easily scared but loves singing, dancing and music etc. I have looked at the reviews and they say suitable 6yrs + Has anyone been? I saw the Lion King pre-kids years ago and thought that was good but it says 7yrs+ on the website? I couldn't remember it being scary?? I am guessing that a Chorus Line would be too adult in the story but she would love the dancing. Its hard as I saw lots of london shows when I was teenager, in my twenties but that was all pre kids 20yrs ago so my judgment is rather hazzy and we have since moved to the SW so London seems all so very busy and alien to me now grin

chocoluvva Sun 28-Apr-13 21:24:05

There was another thread a few months ago started by a mum wondering about taking her 4YO to Matilda. The general consensus was that 4 was too little.

There are some scary bits definitely - not as much dancing as in some other musical, but the songs are very accessible as is the plot and the cast is uniformly fantastic.

ssmile Sun 28-Apr-13 22:05:54

Thanks. Any other ideas for a dancing musical that may be suitable? I will keep googling!

chocoluvva Sun 28-Apr-13 22:46:30

No sorry. I saw Matilda last summer, but I'm not au fait with what's on at the moment (I'm in Scotland). It does have dancing in it - Matilda's mum, the school pupils, Miss Trunchbowl has some action scenes. But the dancing isn't a feature of it.

Is 'Joseph and his Multicoloured Coat' still running? Sorry if irrelevant.

Maybe someone from London will come along - such a good plan. Matilda is very good though.

hwjm1945 Sun 28-Apr-13 22:49:12

We saw it for DD2 6th birthday last year.she loved it. No probe with sitting still Tec and not too is great

Fuckwittery Sun 28-Apr-13 22:50:41

Have you looked at the wizard of oz? Took dd when she was just 5 and it was brilliant.

Fuckwittery Sun 28-Apr-13 22:53:04

Oh sorry, wizard of oz closed in September. There's a new west end musical of Charlie and the chocolate factory opening at the end of may, but you might want to wait for reviews before booking.

oohaveabanana Sun 28-Apr-13 22:54:11

I took dd - who is just 7 - last month. She LOVED it, but isnt easily freaked - there is one bit which is quite scary, but more - as chocluvva said - there's a lot of quite sophisticated humour, and the whole thing is smaller scale - not big song & dance stuff.
It is also totally fab, & I think it would be a shame to see it too early & not get the most out of it. My two (I took ds who is 9 too) adored it, and haven't stopped singing the songs.

I think the Lion King is suitable younger - we saw that when dd was 5, and she enjoyed that. Or whatabout Stomp - not a classic song & dance, but again, my two loved it - we would have seen that when they were 6 & 8...

If you want 'old fashioned' song & dance, we loved Singin in the rain - although we saw that last year, and dd defn found the first half hour slow, and you need to explain silent movies and the move to speakies in advance.... Haven't seen Top Hat which is a similar thing.

simplesusan Sat 25-May-13 22:05:06

Although I loved a Chorus Line I think it isn't suitable for a 6 year old.
The dancing is great but there are a lot of monologues which might not interest a 6 year old too much.
I haven't seen Matilda, have you checked on the website for age guidelines?
We took dd to see Lion King when she was 9 and she loved it. I think 6 might be ok.

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 25-May-13 22:08:43

Parts of Matilda are quite dark but it is a fantastic fantastic show. Revolting children is fabulous. I think a 6 year old would be ok as long as they are into that sort of stuff. We took dd to Lion King at 6 but done younger children were scared if the stampede & had to be taken out.

Dd was 10 and ds was 8 when we saw matilda last year.

Taffeta Sat 25-May-13 22:11:56

We saw Matilda when DD was 5 and she enjoyed it, her 8 yo brother prob got more out of it though, esp as it was his favourite book at the time.

This year we went to the Lion King, which they both enjoyed. ( DD 6, DS 9 ) DS also went to see Stomp when he was 8 and he loved that but it is VERY noisy!

I really wanted to see Slava's snow show a the South Bank last Christmas but I thin that's recommended 8 plus. Thinking of Charlie and the Choc Factory this Christmas.

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