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I'm not normally one to inflict my choices in poetry on anyone else, but this one really is worth sharing and I think captures a bit of the mood of MN at the moment!

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soapbox Tue 16-May-06 23:40:08

Being a Human Being
for Mordechai Vanunu

not to be complicit
not to accept everyone else is silent it must be alright

not to keep one’s mouth shut to hold onto one’s job
not to accept public language as cover and decoy

not to put friends and family before the rest of the world
not to say I am wrong when you know the government is wrong

not to be just a bought behaviour pattern
to accept the moment and fact of choice

I am a human being
and I exist

a human being
and a citizen of the world

responsible to that world
—and responsible for that world

Tom Leonard © 2005

MarsLady Tue 16-May-06 23:59:53

Puts me in mind of Patrick Maghoon (or whatever his name is) and The Prisoner.... I am not a number. Did you know that they are remaking that?

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