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Taking your children to a football match

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SnifflesBlue Sun 13-Jan-13 03:35:18

My 7 year old son is an avid Chelsea fan and he's been bugging me for ages to take him to see his heroes who are plastered all over his bedroom wall. I'm not to clued up on the football and all I see is hooligans on the news causing chaos around these so called football matches but after speaking to a couple of other mums at the school gate who have ventured to watch a match with their children, it seems everything would be ok.

I purchased the tickets off the internet (I think i was ripped off because I paid 160 for 2 tickets but when they arrived the price on the tickets was 55) and took my little boy to see his heroes at The Stampford Bridge. His little face was a joy when the players ran out on to the pitch and everybody started sining around us. The match kicked off and everybody settled into their seats and I wasn't happy about some of the language around me and to be honest with you most of the people sat around us were big ugly looking things and at first i was a bit fearful. But after about 10 minutes Chelsea scored and everyone around us went mad including my son. I must say the adrenalin started causing through my veins and the next minute I'm up bouncing with my son singing Chelsea. A few of the ugly brutes put friendly arms around my shoulders and give me a celebratory hug and one of the cheeky scamps had a quick pinch of my bum. I sat back down rather sharpish to enjoy the rest of the match.

My son and I enjoyed a wonderful day out at the football and I can't recommend the experience enough. My son has had a smile as wide as the Cheshire Cat after his visit to watch Chelsea and I've even found myself looking out for the Chelsea results on the News and I've become a fan of Match Of The Day with the dreamy Gary Lineacher who presents it.


SashaSashays Sun 13-Jan-13 03:42:41

We've taken the DC to football from a young age. DH has a season ticket, and they've also had the chance to go all over the world to see England play.

People have commented on the language but they can read the same scrawled around a public loo or graffitied at a bus stop and once they get to a certain ages the words are all round school. We;ve never had any problems, and always have a great time.

EMS23 Sun 13-Jan-13 03:44:14

Ha haha, I don't get the joke but this post made me laugh during a very long, bleak night feed!!

HamaBeadPatterns Fri 19-Apr-13 18:42:58

Our local team is Gainsborough, thankfully we do not have to pay £160 for 2 tickets.

A tip for the future - find someone who has a season ticket. Invariably they can not get to every game and will look for someone to buy the game ticket from them.

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