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Where's best to sit at a ballet with 2 short children? Stalls/Circle/Upper Circle

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Wills Mon 17-Dec-12 19:15:10

I'm taking my 9 and 12 year old to watch the ballet. I can't afford the perfect seats so do I go for Stalls or Upper Circle but central or Circle but off to oneside?

simplesusan Tue 18-Dec-12 00:15:20

Try and look on Theatre Monkey. They give a detailed account of a lot of theatres (In London).
Otherwise I always prefer to sit higher up for any production relying heavily on dance, so would go with Upper Circle.

simplesusan Tue 18-Dec-12 00:17:11

Sorry just re-read your post.
Provided you don't have a restricted view, I would choose Circle but off central.
can you say which ballet it is?

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