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batman tour

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FoJo Thu 28-Jul-11 07:32:07

not sure if 'culture vultures' is the right place for this but uncle bought ds (9) tickets at xmas for them both to go to this. DS not keen, has never heard of batman, not one for shows. Uncle v excited and had bought matching t shirts for the 2 of them (sad I know, he;s single and loves stuff like that!) so ds told he was going and would put a smile on his face. DD (12) saw advert and thought it looked good, DH said he fancied it as well. A friend had 2 tickets and couldnt go so Uncle, ds, dd & dh all went last night and left me home with the remote control (result!!). They all loved it so if you;re wondering whether to go, the answers a big yes!

SewCrafty Sun 14-Aug-11 16:56:51

i've booked for my hubby and son (7) to go to the O2 in a couple of weeks, got good reviews in one of the papers too. Thanks.

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