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What to see in west end with dd 9 years

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muminthemiddle Sun 05-Jun-11 21:55:28


I am hoping to take my dds to London to see a west end show. My youngest dd is 9. what would you reccomend. We have seen Lion King.

LIZS Mon 06-Jun-11 08:33:05

Shrek , Wizard of Oz

muminthemiddle Wed 08-Jun-11 23:14:13

Thanks Lizs. Have you seen any of those and if so can you say you preferred one over the other?
Ps my eldest dd is 14, if this makes any difference x.

LIZS Thu 09-Jun-11 07:23:42

I haven't but even my dad loved Wizard of Oz !

january29 Thu 09-Jun-11 07:29:46

I would say Wicked but it might depend on how older you younger dd is.

But for you 14 year old Wicked would be really good choice.

DrNortherner Thu 09-Jun-11 07:30:05

My SIL just took her two (aged 9 and 11) to see Wicked and she said they LOVED it.

JJ Thu 09-Jun-11 09:13:34

Wicked is great, although I haven't taken my two to see it. We have seen 39 Steps with them which was fantastic and definitely our kind of humour. Also Legally Blonde is excellent - very catchy music and lots of dancing. They didn't like that quite as much but they're boys (13 and 9) so that might have been the difference. A friend of mine with girls about the same age said hers loved it.

EthelredOnAGoodDay Thu 09-Jun-11 22:13:38

another vote for wicked. it is AMAZING!

muminthemiddle Sun 12-Jun-11 10:39:59

Thanks all.
Still not sure which to plump for!
Might have to put names in a hat or see which has the best seats available. x

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