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Rare night off, what shall we go and see in London?

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BoattoBolivia Mon 09-May-11 20:13:51

dh and I have persuaded my parents to have ds for one night, while dd is on a school residential in June. So we have our 1st night off together since he was born 14 months ago. We want to book a hotel in London and see a show, but can't decide what. We saw Pricilla 2 years ago and loved it, but not really up for the other 'how can we fit this band's music into a musical' shows that are out at the moment. I love children's lit, so would love to see War Horse, dh is not convinced.
Looking at 6th June, what can you recommend and why? Doesn't have to be big West end btw.

Fooso Tue 10-May-11 15:19:58

I can really recommend the Jersey Boys. You can have a look at You tube and see some of the performances. It's the story of Franki Valli and the 4 seasons and you'll be surprised as the songs they wrote. Standing ovation - brilliant!

mckenzie Thu 02-Jun-11 11:38:37

what about the new Catherine tate/David Tennant show? 4 stars I think I've seen it given today.

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