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Choirs in London

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Lucifera Wed 04-May-11 14:42:53

I want to join a choir again in the autumn and wondered if anyone could help me find one, because being a fussy bugger I want one that
- performs classical repertoire
- rehearses within reasonable reach of Hackney - could be City
- doesn't require ability to sight-sing
- is better than Hackney Singers (who are wonderful and lovely but I want to work a bit harder)

If you are in one that meets these criteria, what's it like?

TIA for any suggestions.

EldonAve Wed 04-May-11 20:10:47

Lucifera Thu 05-May-11 09:57:22

Thanks Eldon but I see they do a sight-reading test ... wish I were that good but I'm not.

Lilymaid Mon 13-Jun-11 14:45:19

I'm reviving this thread to suggest:

Barts Choir

There is also an excellent list of choirs here

Woodlands Thu 07-Jul-11 21:53:17

I would suggest the London Forest Choir, based in Waltham Forest (

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