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Med cruise in early sept for 2 adults + toddler?

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saythatagain Tue 26-Oct-10 13:49:57

Sometimes on the larger ships - RCC, NCL etc there are a huge number of children - some are supervised , others aren't hmm
Think about when you're going ashore and getting off with another 3 thousand passengers - not so great. There are a great number of choices of ships and there's no getting away from the fact that there are lots of facilities on those I 've mentioned....
I'm sure whatever you decide, you'll have a great time!

On some of the larger Royal Caribbean cruises there is a splah pool where nappy clad youngsters can frolic... There is a LOT for children to do on RCI.

Funky2sarah Tue 26-Oct-10 13:41:35

hi all!!

I have cruised with RCI, they are fab! A nice mix of casual and formal and also ages. I didn have kids at the time but did take a look and the facilities were fab!
food is 24hrs - midnight feast was amazing!
we loved (almost) every minute.
I would also make sure you have a couple of days at sea so you can make the most of what the ship offers.
We sailed on Splendour of the Seas - a smaller ship but lovely!
We flew to Barcelona and sailed to Cittavechia, Livorno, Naples etc - so got to see Rome (The Vatican/Colloseum),Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Was lovely waking up in a new place every morning.

Have fun what ever you choose!

geordieminx Wed 30-Jun-10 20:26:38

Thanks - will have a look at those.

Budget wise, well we dont want to go cheap - but on the other handsome of the Royal Carribean ones that we have been looking at have been coming in at 5k for the 3 of us shock

unfitmummy Wed 30-Jun-10 11:29:43

we have booked to go on a med cruise next may/june with our (will then be) 6 and 2(almost 3) year olds. we are sharing a balcony cabin that has a sofa bed. one thing to note is that unless your child is nappy trained they won't be able to use the swimming pools or the kids clubs.

beware of doing the med in july/august unless you like it hot hot hot!

first step really is to see what you can afford as the price varies from people like msc/costa (we have booked with msc, 2700 for all of us for one week including flights) up to royal carribbean which would have cost double what we have paid. but there is aparently a big difference in what is included on board so worth keeping an eye on. look at and speak to your travel agent who should be able to give you advice, and ours gave us 10% off the internet price we had found!

happy planning!

geordieminx Tue 29-Jun-10 11:25:43

We have never been on a cruise before but are coming to the conclusion that it might be the ideal holiday for us - sun, realxation, good food, but plenty to do, not wandering around the same "resort" day in day out.

The question is - where do we start looking, and also is it visable with a 3 year old?

Ideally we would like to take in some european cities - Barcelona? Rome? Nice? Palma? Also be plenty to do for small child. Also will it be hot still then? I dont want to be cold grin

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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