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cruise with baby?

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theskiinggardener Mon 16-Aug-10 21:00:49

Most cruise lines except Disney won't take them at all until they are 6 months old. No cruise for us this summer sad

nannyl Thu 12-Aug-10 21:37:56

P&O wont even take them in night nursery until 6months old sad

Rockbird Mon 07-Jun-10 19:15:18

We've done Cunard with an 18 month old and are going again in the summer with our 2.5yo. Kids' club is available for 6months upwards but as vegasmum said, they have to have an adult with them at that age. Think it was up to 1 year on Cunard. So you'd basically have the baby with you all the time. No babysitting on Cunard ships but the kids' clubs are open till late (bean bags and DVDs. They all fall asleep, aww) but again this is only for older children.

vegasmum Mon 07-Jun-10 19:10:27

Message withdrawn

darlingbabs Wed 26-May-10 21:06:02

anyone got any recommendations? we would like to put him in a kids club for a bit and heard some cruises do these, he will be 5.5. months old. thanks

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