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Justine2912 Sun 18-Jan-09 10:32:48

Just wondered if anyone had been on the Ventura cruise Ship.

We are going on in May and after looking at some of the websites it hasnt got the best write up and just wanted to know what other people think?

poshtottie Sun 18-Jan-09 15:47:44

Wasn't it on the news recently?

nannyL Sat 11-Jul-09 10:05:20

if its anything like P&O's other ships (and its supposed to be bigger and better) it looks amazing!

did you go and how was it?

Justine2912 Thu 13-Aug-09 19:11:37

Had a fantastic time on Ventura with our DS and he loved it. Couldnt praise the childrens clubs enough and all the staff made a real fuss of him. The only thing that I would say goes against it is the pools, there is only one small pool which holds about 2 people and the rest are quite deep, so when you have a child that cant swim its quite hard to try and stand up and keep your child afloat. but apart from that great

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