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Disney Cruise to Norway.

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MsGameandWatch Sun 07-May-17 16:45:32

Any good? My DD really wants to do it but I have to say I have never felt particularly strongly about visiting Norway and hear it's really expensive, just feels a bit meh! to me. I've done a Disney Transatlantic and it was utterly fabulous, enjoyed every minute. Anyone done both? Not necessarily Disney, any cruise to Norway really. Thanks 😊

iklboo Sun 07-May-17 16:50:19

Norway is gorgeous. We're going on another cruise there later this year. It is more expensive than UK for some things (we saw an ad for a Big Mac meal = £12) but unless you're planning on a shopping spree you probably wouldn't need to buy much if you're on a cruise anyway.

We don't eat out off the ship there - or maybe just have a quick coffee. Might add up if you want to have lunch out.

HairsprayQueen Sun 07-May-17 16:59:28

We cruised to Norway last year and loved it. Not Disney though. It was definitely a scenery holiday rather than sun and swimming (it was a bit cold at the end of august and our stop at Bergen rained non stop). But the feeling of fresh air and mountains and fjords did us all the world of good.

We didn't buy much off the ship, had no need to really, just an ice cream for the kids and little souvenirs which were probably expensive but in a 'this is a tourist trap' way due to the cruise stops rather than 'omg this is prohibitively too expensive' way if that makes any sense.

MsGameandWatch Sun 07-May-17 17:11:24

That makes me feel a bit more positive. We'd be calling at Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger. We'd not eat or drink off ship either. I don't drink alcohol and it would just be me and two children. I always wanted to visit the fjords but just never got round to it. I'm not sure the Disney cruise goes that far in though, seems to stay on the main coastline.

iklboo Sun 07-May-17 17:37:38

We're doing P&O. One of the days we're setting off in the early evening then cruising down two fjords for the whole of the night. It'll be midsummer so it gets dark late. Really beautiful.

CakeThat Mon 22-May-17 21:58:31

Have you considered doing a Med cruise with Disney? You'd be more likely to benefit from good weather for swimming & sunbathing, and get to visit ports in Italy and French Riviera.

Ilovefluffysheep Tue 30-May-17 13:16:17

I cruised Norway with Disney last year. It was incredible! But then I'm a huge fan of Disney cruises anyway, have done 6 so far including 2 transatlantics, and am booked on the Panama Canal cruise next April!

JulieJaffacake Sun 11-Jun-17 19:19:30

Yes yes yes! We went to Norway with Disney last year, and we've booked the Norway/Denmark one next year. It was absolutely amazing. What do you want to know?

Icouldbeknitting Wed 05-Jul-17 15:34:52

I can come back and tell you next week as we're off on a seven night cruise with P and O at the weekend. The weather looks as if it will be less than stellar, raincoats and brolly rather than sunscreen. Every holiday for the last 20 years I've had to shop for groceries, plan meals and cook so even if it rains every day it will still be a different experience. I am going to sit on the balcony and make the espresso machine work overtime and have a minion fetch cream scones in the afternoon.

Dailystuck71 Sun 16-Jul-17 13:41:53

Julie......everything please?! What ship and must dos etc. I'm very early in planning and need to twist DH arm. We've just had a shit week in Greece so I want something completely different next year. I'm actually looking at Disney online now.

owlsandbadgers Wed 19-Jul-17 03:28:31

Following this with interest as we are booked on the Disney Norwegian cruise for 2018! It looks incredible!

JulieJaffacake Sun 30-Jul-17 21:50:48

Sorry only just seen your reply!

Where to start? We love Disney as a cruise company for lots of reasons - the customer service, the food, the activities - and lots of things that might not appeal to others but to to us, such as pretty much everything being included except alcohol, which means that people weren't excessive, and all the activities ending about 1am and starting again at about 8am... meaning the ship is quiet overnight.

Norway was lovely. We went to Stavanger, Alesund, Geiranger and Bergen - all very different and different temperatures too, we needed woolly hats in Alesund and shorts in Bergen.

Was there anything in particular you wanted to know?

toniaeales Wed 30-Aug-17 18:55:57

We've just returned from our first cruise (albeit on Princess Cruises), we chose Norway as it was somewhere we really wanted to see and felt that seeing it from a ship was the best way. We were not disappointed, it was breathtaking. Our's was 14 days and took in Stavanger, Flam, Geiranger, Trondheim, Honnisvaag (North Cape), Tromso, Lofeten Islands, Alesund and Bergen. We were blessed with the weather, only one wet day but we heard that the previous trip had non stop rain and I think it would really affect the holiday as it's the scenery that is the star. Our children (6 and 9) also loved it.

If you go to Stavanger then book the fjord trip under Pulpit rock, was wonderful. The other bit of advice is to book excursions were you can, don't rely on the cruise company as they're extortionate. Go on trip advisor for each port and find things you want o do fro there, but book early as we missed out on a couple.

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