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Which would you choose? Carnival v rci

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CakeThat Sat 18-Mar-17 09:11:35

We are contemplating a med cruise next summer to celebrate a special occasion and have seen that 2 brand new ships, Carnival Horizon and Symphony of the Seas will both be doing some time in the med before going off to other parts of the world.
Carnival - we would have to travel at Easter as it's only in the med in April. At Easter we could do a 13 day holiday from Barcelona going to various ports in Italy, plus Malta, Dubrovnik and I think Corfu (if I'm recalling correctly). We have spoken to people who have been on the sister ship, the Vista, who said it was fantastic. It would be great to do a trip of this length but not sure about weather at Easter and if the sea might be rough.
RCI - this will be the worlds biggest cruise ship, looks as though it will have a wonderful array of things to do for the children. This is doing the same itinerary all summer - 7 nights From Barcelona to south of France and Italy. We have done similar itineraries to this before so not particularly exciting but we know we will like it and if we go during the summer holidays it should be hot. This trip is more expensive for 8 days than Carnival is for 13 .
Can anyone advise which cruise line a family would enjoy more and whether Easter or summer would be better? Our kids like lots of fun activities such as water slides, pools, sports deck, cinema and kids clubs.

Madbengalmum Thu 13-Apr-17 14:05:43

Depends what you are looking for but RCI should be far better quality in terms of accommodations and food than Carnival. Personally, Carnival is on my dont touch with a barge pole list. They are known as party ships and are known to attract a hard partying crowd.

CatsRule Tue 16-Jan-18 18:44:28

What did you decide on Cake that?

We've booked to go on the Symphony of the Seas in July.

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