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P&O Azura with a just two year old

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Dancingelkhound Sun 08-Jan-17 22:59:09

Has anyone travelled with a two year old on P&O and could share their experience of what's available for them to do?

DH and I have cruised the med and Caribbean with Royal Caribbean before DD came along. We're keen to take DD on her first cruise and have been wanting to do the Fjords for a while now.

The Azura in September is coming up with a decent price and I've heard generally that P&O are good for families.

DD will have just turned two the month before. I probably wouldn't put her in the kids club very often, if at all, so I'm just wondering if there are activities on offer for her age range, that we can do together? Or is the only way to get age appropriate activities to leave her in the kids club?

Any experiences you could share would be welcome.

callmeadoctor Sun 12-Feb-17 22:51:50

P and O is top notch for kids (not sure age of kids club, might need to be 3 though). The kids clubs on P and O, RCI and Princess are truly first class. Do check the age you can leave them at kids club though. Once they are able to go to kids club, you will have a wonderful time and so will they. We have been cruising since our daughter was 4 (now 14). Every morning she would be desperate to go to kids club :-) We would gain her back at mealtimes!!! You name it, they do it with them. IMO these cruise lines have amazing kids clubs.

You book them properly (forms filled in etc) in on the first day, and then book them in at the times you want usually the night before, you aren't obligated and there is no charge.

callmeadoctor Sun 12-Feb-17 22:53:20

Also to answer your question, probably not much going on for her (outside kids club) except the pools :-)

SpornStar Sun 12-Feb-17 23:15:55

I haven't been on Azura but did a transatlantic crossing on Ventura when DD was about 18 months.

I think kids have to be 3 for kids clubs but there was a large playroom for the younger children with a good range of toys where parents could supervise. DD loved the swimming pool too and I'm pretty sure Azura has an indoor one so weather is not an issue.

There was a kids meal time at 5.30 pm in the buffet with a selection of foods that appeal to children. That worked great for us.

Does Azura have a night nursery? On Ventura, there is a nursery where you can put under 5s down to sleep in the evening if you want to. You can then go and have dinner and collect later (up to 1 am I think). They give you a pager so you can be summoned if baby wakes and doesn't settle again. the nursery was great for us and we were able to enjoy our evenings while letting DD keep to her normal bedtime (she's very routine oriented - her own doing, not mine!). Nursery staff were all UK trained with recognised childcare qualifications.

P&O crew were brilliant with DD. All the waiting staff were always happy to take a second to chat or have a little game with her. we haven't been back on P&O yet (we're doing a Disney cruise this year) but I'd happily do another.

doistayordoigo Tue 04-Jul-17 20:01:01

Just got off a weekend cruise on Azura and pretty sure there wasn't an indoor pool.

PeachQueen Sun 15-Apr-18 10:01:36


I know this is an old thread however I wondered how you got in cruising?

We have just booked with P&O for Feb next year for my 40th (eeek!) & our DD will be 2.

We are doing a fly cruise & going with friends. We would like to make use of the night nursery a couple of times if poss? How did you find it cruising with your 2yr old?

Any info on your experience would be great!

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