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DesertIslandPenguin Fri 23-Sep-16 20:04:37

We're thinking of doing a Mediterranean cruise with Celebrity Cruises, and maybe pushing the boat out and having a suite rather than a stateroom. Has anyone cruised with Celebrity, especially with kids? I'm wondering if my 10 year old will be bored in the kids club and be looking wistfully over at the teenage area? Slightly gutted to discover that the gelateria isn't included in the food packages!!

Nydj Sun 25-Sep-16 19:27:24

We did a celebrity cruise this year. New have an older teen but all the children seemed to have a ball. The captain mentioned on the last day that there were 300 kids on the cruise but we would never have guessed as they were kept so well entertained in the kids clubs. There were also loads of activities around the ship if your child doesn't fancy the kids club. We loved our celebrity cruise just in case that wasn't coming through clearly wink

DesertIslandPenguin Sun 25-Sep-16 21:47:56

Oooh, that's great to hear! Thanks for replying, Nydj.

DS is really excited about the Kids Club, so it's reassuring to hear that the kids onboard enjoyed it a lot.

Did you book direct with Celebrity or go via a travel agent? I haven't used one for years but cruises seem to complicated that I'm worried I'll mess things up!

Oh! Were the speciality restaurants worth eating at? I do love my food, which is half the reason I'm keen on Celebrity. The food always looks fantastic!

Nydj Mon 26-Sep-16 08:42:40

We mainly had dinner in the main dining room as it was a really impressive setting - to be honest, DH and I would have eaten at the buffet a few more times as the making conversation with the same people on the table was hard work for us as we are both pretty introverted. We tried Qsine one evening and I think it is worth a go as they do make the whole experience really fun but would recommend that you wait until there are offers for it.

We are not the best to ask about food as we are vegetarians and have a generally low expectation on all holiday food but there was a very good choice of vegetarian food and the staff are really accommodating if you have particular likes and dislikes.

We booked through an agent. I am not sure that there was much difference in the price if we had booked direct but the package did include all drinks for two people so we just paid for soft drinks package for our son and then he was free to eat and drink what he wanted when he wasn't with us. The package also had price on the second passenger which I think is available on the main celebrity site.

DesertIslandPenguin Wed 28-Sep-16 22:08:15

Thanks, Nydj! I booked our cruise today and I'm fizzing with excitement. Our package includes premium drinks & speciality dining and I'm making myself ridiculously hungry by checking out menus online!

nmg85 Tue 04-Oct-16 15:32:19

Just came back from my 7th Celebrity Cruise. IF you have any questions please feel free to ask. What ship are you on as that will determine restaurants etc.

DesertIslandPenguin Tue 04-Oct-16 17:43:26

Your seventh?! Wow, no need to ask if you had a good time, then!

We're going on the Reflection, nmg85. I'm slightly gutted to discover that the Bistro is now a Sushi restaurant--I quite fancied crepes! On the other hand, the boys are thrilled about it! I guess it's preferable to have DS eating sushi constantly rather than hotdogs!!

Did you go with kids? I'm still keen to hear more about Kids Club (DS will be 10 when we sail). Do kids go to Evening Chic nights? I think there'll be two when we go. Mind you, we could hide away in the buffet, I suppose, but I think half the fun of a cruise will be dressing up a little. (I won't be saying that when I have to go shopping, I'm sure!)

nmg85 Tue 04-Oct-16 19:13:05

It was lovely. Not been on the Reflection but did eat in Sushi on 5.. As someone who doesn't eat fish it was actually okay!
Don't have kids yet but cruised as a kid. Yes they can go to evening chic nights it is the same as any other night but a little bit smarter (although some still dressed the same every night). The other speciality restaurants are lovely and the buffet and main dining room will have variety. You will find staff will spoil your DS as they miss their own kids.

Sushiqueen Sat 29-Oct-16 20:00:40

We sailed on Reflection thus summer with a teen. There were loads of children on board and she had a great time with the teens club. after the first few days they tended to do their own thing but went along some evenings to play table tennis etc. She is still in touch with some of them.

Kids can go to all the dinners - evening chic and the speciality restaurants. Don't forget Sushi on 5 is an a la carte menu unlike the other speciality restaurants. Qsine is good fun. If your ds likes burgers try the Mast grill - they are really good.

It can be quite a party atmosphere on board especially in the sea days. We sailed to the Baltic's last summer with them and it was a completely different atmosphere. This summer they had pool games on the sea days and we had a couple of parties by the pool in the evening. All the children are welcome to join in.

We had a great time and did list of trips out ( none through the Cruise line though - a lot cheaper to do your own thing) including a Segway tour which was the highlight for our daughter.

Don't worry about the gelato not being included. You can get ice- cream/sorbet/frozen yoghurt in the buffet which is excellent. Most people we spoke to preferred it anyway.

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