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Thinking of doing a P&O cruise to the Norweigan fjords next year. Can anyone tell me about it?

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elizabethcharlotte Sun 04-Sep-16 19:27:09

Hi we are thinking of doing a P&O cruise to the Norweigan fjords next August. If you've done it would you recommend it? I'm wondering what the weather will be like? What do you actually do whilst on the ship (never done a cruise before). Do you single book your cruise direct with P and O? Our children are used to visiting lots of different places on holiday and aren't really into kids clubs. They will be 15 and 12 so will it be suitable for them?
I'm also wondering about the excursions and how expensive they really are?
I would be grateful for any information about this type of cruise. Thanks.

Poocatcherchampion Sun 04-Sep-16 19:28:57

We did it.
It was nice.

Our kids too young for kids clubs.

HairsprayQueen Sun 04-Sep-16 19:41:12

I'm just back from the fjords today (not p&o though so can't comment on that bit)

The weather was ok, we didn't go expecting a sun holiday obviously. The biggest thing we realised is that the weather could change in the space of minutes, it could be fine and then everything covered in mist for a while and then back fine again. It was cool, about 15 degrees and one of our port days it did rain all day so we just did a bus tour and then went back on the ship. Around the pool was a bit chilly at times, the hot tubs were ok but the pool was a bit too cold for the weather.

We only did one ship excursion in one port, the others we just winged it- it was expensive and now knowing the area we'd know how to go about it ourselves but it was a full day to various sights and it was quite nice and easy to have someone doing the organising and 'teaching' about the area for you.

It was a lovely holiday though, the views were astounding, the sea wasn't too choppy and I really liked Norway. But not if you want somewhere like Greece or Spain if that makes sense.

HairsprayQueen Sun 04-Sep-16 19:41:35

Feel free to pm if you want smile

ggirl Sun 04-Sep-16 19:47:57

ooo I'm interested in this ..very keen to see the fjords

Have done med cruise and found the heat unbearable at times .

I will also have a teenager ..just wondering if it will be too dull for him , bearing in mind the whole world is dull to him not taking it too seriously

elizabethcharlotte Sun 04-Sep-16 21:08:41

Thank you. I didn't expect it to be really hot but I'm hoping for it to be like it is here.
Does anyone know what teenagers can actually do whilst cruising?

elizabethcharlotte Mon 05-Sep-16 18:22:05

Can anyone else recommend a cruise to the norweigan fjords?

HairsprayQueen Mon 05-Sep-16 21:29:40

I went with Royal Caribbean and it was great. My kids are younger so their kids clubs were probably more structured but there seemed to be 2 areas for teens, I must admit when I spied through the door once on my way past the teens seemed to be just lolling about relaxing in their club room but I may have just caught them at a bad time- there were special discos and parties aimed at teens listed in the planner every night from 11pm to 1am (the ship had a 1am curfew on under 18's) as well as the regular shows and parties for all ages. Our ship had a basketball court, the surf machine thing, arcade, a few pools, ice skating, mini golf, golf simulator.

I couldn't fault the youth staff for my kids, but I guess it depends on if your children would enjoy shore trips (there was lots of variety with more actiony things like rib boat tours or more traditional walking/coach tours) and some pool chill time/doing ship activities. The trips were expensive but if you get a good deal on the actual cruise then adding it all together might work out the same as a holiday elsewhere. Ours came in at what we'd pay for a normal holiday when you accounted for accommodation/food/activities/travel and everything. Obviously picking a time when schools are off so there are more teens on board would be beneficial so they'd have more people of their age to hang out with if they chose too. The club leaders told ds there was a huge decrease in child numbers from last week to this (something like 600 down to 50) with the schools going back this week but if you are going in August this should be fine.

The sea day timings also worked well in this cruise- one at the beginning when you are finding your feet and finding all the ship had to offer and then one at the end when you are tired and want to relax, not too many to get bored.

Ilovefluffysheep Sun 11-Sep-16 11:12:35

We cruised to the Norwegian Fjords in May halfterm, but it was with Disney Cruise Line, not P&O. We were very lucky with the weather, I actually got sunburnt one day.

The fjords were stunning, would love to go back. It was our 5th Disney cruise, never cruised any other line so can't help you there I'm afraid. Love Disney Cruises!

Sunnymeg Sat 08-Oct-16 17:12:02

We sailed the fjords with P&O last August. Our 13 year old DS had a brilliant time. They had a kids club with a wide range of activities and playstations and he made good use of them all. The beauty of cruising in the fjords is that you have scenery you can enjoy from your balcony cabin as you sail through them. One tip, check if your destinations have city sightseeing tour buses. This is a much cheaper way of seeing things than the p&o excursions. If you go to Flam just catch a train from the station, which is a short walk from the dock, they offer a trip there, but much, much cheaper to do that.

enolagayits0815 Mon 24-Oct-16 14:56:46

Don't go with p and o, pick a company with smaller boats as the ones that companies like p and o use are too big to get down some of the smaller, more attractive fjords.

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