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Royal carribean - how late could we leave it to book for this summer.

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Ooogetyooo Mon 25-Apr-16 20:56:10

Have been watching the prices over the last few weeks and have had some quotes over the last few days typically: brilliance of the seas 25 July one balcony and one interior cabin for 5 people includes flights from uk and transfers total £6930 . Also a quote for Independance of the seas departing 30 July one balcony and one interior cabin with a $300 credit and drinks package £9363 total. My preference is the Independance but won't pay as much as this, how long do we leave it, will the price come down a little over the next month or so? Also is the price for the Brilliance a good price or not considering everything that is included in the package? Both these quotes were through iglu cruises they came out cheaper than others I have tried.

nmg85 Tue 26-Apr-16 11:43:51

To be honest I would have a look online yourself and see how many cabins are left for each sailing, if there is a lot you have more of a chance of price reductions. I would be surprised if they would go down as its around the beginning of school holidays and if they do they will start to go down within 8 weeks of departure when people have / haven't paid their balances. How long are those cruises if they are 10 nights or more I would say they aren't bad prices for high season departure especially as you are paying for 4 adult at least thats only 1400pp with flights etc. Have you tried pricing it yourself with low cost flights?

tiredgranny Sat 07-May-16 21:08:05

I thought RC where. Doing buy one get second half price? Try cruise circle they have some really good offers

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