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Which ships are best for young children?

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ToesInTheSand Sat 29-Aug-15 17:30:40

Apart from Disney? Not ruling out Disney, just would like to see alternatives.
Kids are 5 and <1. Thanks.

Sirzy Sat 29-Aug-15 17:38:12

Depends what you want. We have cruised with p and o twice and are again next year and to us it is perfect. They have kids clubs, although we haven't used them, and the staff are fab.

If you want more activity options RCI may be better for you.

AnneElliott Sat 29-Aug-15 17:39:10

I agree that P&O are great for families.

ToesInTheSand Sat 29-Aug-15 17:50:02

Ah yes, should have said!
Not interested in kids' club/babysitting - want adventure and thrills for the 5yo - waterslides, ice skating, rock climbing etc.

What is good about P&O and RCI?

MaryPoppinPills Sat 29-Aug-15 17:58:03

I've just booked a week on carnival vista for next summer mu ds will be 4. It looks awesome. Worked out cheaper than thompson who I wouldn't recommend. Did thompson this year food was shocking.

ToesInTheSand Sat 29-Aug-15 18:52:33

Just looking at Carnival now. How did you decide, Mary?

Sirzy Sat 29-Aug-15 18:57:14

For that side of things I would say RCI would be better although I have never cruised with them as that side of things wouldn't suit us.

Have a look at cruise critic website or if you are on Facebook look at cruise people and you will get loads of advice from there.

ToesInTheSand Sat 29-Aug-15 18:58:39

Thank you - off to look!

5oclocksomewhere Sun 15-Nov-15 23:39:52

Most cruise lines won't accept children under 6 months on board. Children in nappies cannot use the pools. If these points are not an issue in regards to your younger child then I can highly recommend Carnival too.

TurnOffTheTv Sun 15-Nov-15 23:43:55

Zombie thread!

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