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RC Navigator of the Seas vs P&O Britannia

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Cecyhall Mon 22-Jun-15 14:21:07

I just can't make my mind up and have read so many both negative and positive for both that it's not helping!

Does anyone here have any preference if it was a choice between these? It's for a Norwegian Fjords cruise next August.

Very similar itineries, it seems that the P&O is longer in ports but not sure it would really make too much difference.

Similar prices but Royal Caribbean has all inclusive offer which would obviously be better but I would pay extra if I thought the other choice would be better.

My doubt over RC is that the ship is obviously older and I really wanted to go on Oasis class or Higher but they aren't going where I want! Something that I can't pin point is putting me off P&O though.

We are me and DH and 2 ds's (9&5).

Any help is appreciated!

nmg85 Mon 29-Jun-15 09:49:58

Do you have the itineraries as that would sway it for me. I have favourite ports in that area which would make a difference. The longer in port time may make a difference depending on how many other ships are in port and their timings. If the P&O ship is there when others aren't then this could be a benefit for certain attractions as less / no queues. Also what is the difference in number of passengers on each ship? I haven't sailed on P&O since I was a teenagers so probably 16 years ago however I sailed on the Adventure of the seas with RCL in 2013. RCL is fine but wouldn't be my 1st choice but then I don't have kids yet so this may sway it as it is a family orientated line. P&O is very British and some people really like that, others hate it it works the other way with RCL being American. Have you cruises before as this may make a difference as to what ship you may like.

dazzlingdeborahrose Sun 05-Jul-15 13:31:11

Can't comment on p&p as have never cruised with them. We've done three trips on the adventure of the seas which is the same class as the navigator. The ship has excellent facilities, plenty to do on board and RC kids clubs are fabulous and if you wanted to go ashore, you can leave the children in kids club and head off on your own. We've always been itinerary led on our cruises so this summer we'll be on the vision of the seas which is a much smaller ship but can get to ports the bigger ships can't access.

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