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Royal Caribbean - Scandinavia and Russia

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Dancergirl Wed 17-Dec-14 15:12:06

We went on our first family cruise last summer. It was with Royal Caribbean, 7 night cruise round the Med. We all had a fantastic time and keen to do another one.

We're thinking of booking another RC cruise to Scandinavia and Russia sailing from the UK. But I'm not sure whether to stick with RC or try another cruise line. We loved the ship, great shows, entertainment etc but I don't know what it'll be like going on again on a very similar ship.

We love the look of the destinations though and the dates suit us. Are there any other cruise lines that do something similar before I book this?

MissMillament Tue 30-Dec-14 18:38:57

I think all the main companies do. We went with Celebrity on the Eclipse last year and loved it. I am pretty sure Princess also do Scandinavia and Russia.
That was our first cruise and we are now thinking of booking the med with Princess this year. The itinerary was a dealbreaker for us - Tallinn, St Petersburg and Stockholm were the highlights so look carefully at where each cruise stops. And you definitely want two full days in St P if at all possible.
Any thoughts on how you found the Med? We are looking at stops at Rome and Florence but wondering about the logistics of seeing much of Rome in four or five hours.

Dancergirl Sun 04-Jan-15 23:20:38

miss we spent about 5 nights in Rome before the cruise started. It's such a great city we wanted a bit of time there. We managed to see most of the sights and had a bit of pool time at the hotel too (we chose a hotel a bit out of the city).

It's like any cruise I suppose, you don't get much time in each place. But in one holiday, we saw Rome, Pompeii, Barcelona and Marseilles. Also stopped near Nice (Villefranche) but we didn't do too much there. I would definitely recommend it.

MissMillament Mon 05-Jan-15 00:12:43

We are looking at a Southampton departure for convenience, but it does rule out the option of spending extra time in the departure/arrival port. I am working on doing the major stops - Barcelona, Rome, Florence- like military operations with a strict schedule and then being more relaxed in the others. Worked well in StP last year. Have you decided on your Baltic cruise yet?

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