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Excursions and a 4yr old

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WestYorkshireGirl Sun 26-Oct-14 21:42:18

Looking at a cruise for the first time next June when DD will be nearly 4.5yrs. All the excursions seem quite long and I don't know how she will fare with such long days - anyone else experience of taking little ones cruising? Any tips? Oh and are there generally toilets on the coaches they use for the excursions? Thanks

Sirzy Wed 12-Nov-14 21:58:23

ds was 4.5 when we first went on a cruise and loved it. We didnt go on any excurisions though just looked at the local area to the port

number1daddy Thu 20-Nov-14 22:37:45

my son is five been on several cruises and loves it. I always look at excursions for ideas but never book them. We like our own space rather than groups.

Dancergirl Wed 17-Dec-14 15:14:23

Which cruise line? We did a Royal Caribbean cruise last summer and I agree that some of the excursions were v long! We avoided the long day ones and that's with much older children!

There's usually plenty of choice though, I would recommend shorter ones with a little one.

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