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Best cruise line for child focused cruise

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loveisagirlnameddaisy Sun 27-Apr-14 17:51:54

We're looking for a cruise holiday in late July/Aug. Probably the med although I appreciate its likely to be v hot.

DCs will be just 2 and nearly 5 and we want as relaxed a holiday as possible, which generally means catering to their needs over our own. smileI'm just looking for recommendations on the best cruise lines with proper child friendly facilities, not those just paying lip service to get the bookings.

Chocotrekkie Sun 27-Apr-14 17:52:26


jonicomelately Sun 27-Apr-14 17:57:33

Royal Caribbean are extremely child friendly.

BellaVida Sun 27-Apr-14 18:06:12

We've done Royal Caribbean a few times and they have great kids clubs, lots of appropriate family entertainment, parades and amazing facilities.

loveisagirlnameddaisy Sun 27-Apr-14 21:01:09

Thanks, will take a look.

Kewcumber Sun 27-Apr-14 21:06:50

DS loved P&O and drinks prices seemed much cheaper than teh American lines

HermioneWeasley Sun 27-Jul-14 20:17:57

Disney, or carnival are very family friendly

winnertakesitall Sun 27-Jul-14 20:26:15

We did a cruise back in January with royal Caribbean and I couldn't drag my 4yo ds away from the kids club. Amazing staff, and very highly qualified. Impressively a 50:50 male/female staff ratio with the kids club staff. Excellent facilities onboard too- nice pools and good food options in the dining room for wee ones. He has just asked me tonight if we can go back on the ship!

Dancergirl Wed 13-Aug-14 09:23:27

Royal carribbean.

We've just come back, it's amazing for kids although ours are older. Great pool area, ice rink and climbing wall! I
Kids clubs for all ages.

number1daddy Thu 20-Nov-14 22:44:13

Costa and MSC are very very good for kids. I was on them with my then four year old. Canard are pretty good and summer dates they have some if the cheapest deals around in the med. we went last Aug for a week for £500 amazing.

number1daddy Thu 20-Nov-14 22:44:41

I meant Cunard lol

BellaVida Thu 20-Nov-14 22:46:27

Another vote for Royal Caribbean!

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