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princess cruises with 11yo

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lilypig Mon 27-May-13 15:04:34

This summer we're off on a princess cruise around the med, has anyone had experience of kids clubs/activities on board a princess cruise?

EarlGreyTeabag Mon 27-May-13 23:28:57

We did a Princess cruise a few years ago. Youngest DC was 10, the other two were young teenagers.

Can't remember exactly what activities were on offer, but my lot seemed to enjoy them & they made lots of new friends.

The Princess website is quite good for information on the kids clubs & activities.

Also, I called Princess & asked them how many kids of the same age as mine were booked on the cruise. We were going in June, during Irish school holidays which start earlier than UK hols, so I wasn't sure how many kids/teens there would be. There turned out to be a few English kids, several from Scotland and a few Americans & Canadians - they were a lovely bunch & they had a good time together.

We found Princess to be great overall, & enjoyed it much more than a similar P&O one we went on a couple of years later.

Hope you have a great time!

lilypig Wed 29-May-13 13:03:30

Thanks that's really helpful I'll look at their website, were all very excited about it, we're going during the main English school holiday time so hopefully there will be lots of friends to be made. My 11yo is excited about dressing up for formal nights, even keen to wear a dress and that never happens!

AndreaDawn Sat 20-Jul-13 21:07:08

My kids always loved the kids clubs and we never saw them! Fab ships and crew.

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