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Royal Carribean - sleeping in Adventure Ocean?

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chicaguapa Wed 15-Aug-12 13:40:20

DS(7) is such an early bird bless him that he falls apart if he has too many late nights. I am trying to find out whether there is anywhere for them to lie down with a blanket and pillow if he goes into the 7-10pm session and wants to go to sleep (when he wants to sleep, he will sleep anywhere). Otherwise I will arrange in-cabin babysitting, though at $19 an hour I would like to try and avoid it if possible. But obviously don't want him to be struggling on without enough sleep or he won't enjoy the holiday. Thanks.

HedgeHogGroup Thu 16-Aug-12 10:49:36

Oooh I don't suppose you're going this week are you? We're going on Grandeur this Sunday and I'm desperate to meet another Mumsnetter!

chicaguapa Thu 16-Aug-12 14:06:59

Yes, we are!! We're going on Sunday 19th from Mallorca!! grin We are very excited!

HedgeHogGroup Fri 17-Aug-12 08:11:00

See you there!!! We've got a (very nearly) 7 year old girl... and a 3 year old boy!

chicaguapa Fri 17-Aug-12 13:01:55

And we have a very nearly 8 year old boy so they'll be in the same group in Adventure Ocean! He will be the one curled up in the corner at 9pm! wink

I will give you some clues and see if you can identify us. grin

DS has the same name as one of the princes (not the younger ones) and an older sister who is 10 (very nearly 11) and has the same name as a Jane Austen novel. We are also holidaying with brother & SIL who have a 7 year old DS who has the same name as a Dickens novel and a 9 year old DS who has the same name as one of Katie Price's ex husbands.

We are also with my mum, step-dad, so there are 10 of us in our rabble. We are dining at 6pm every night.

HedgeHogGroup Fri 17-Aug-12 13:15:50

We've got Mytime dining.
Clues... I'll have to ahve a think!!
Flying from Manchester?

chicaguapa Fri 17-Aug-12 13:17:43

No, we are flying tomorrow from Luton and staying overnight in Palma. So our holiday is one day longer than yours. wink

HedgeHogGroup Fri 17-Aug-12 13:52:33

I'll be carrying PomBears at all times wink

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