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Hurtigruten - cruising in Norway

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merlin Mon 07-May-12 17:29:14

Anyone been with them?

merlin Mon 07-May-12 18:47:31


saythatagain Mon 07-May-12 18:54:23

I know about then; as they're a Norwegian company you'll get the best experience with them. Not mahoosive ships so easier to enamel/disembark. I would say they're the equivalent of a 4 star in terms of rating. I've been on a cruise to Norway with Fred Olsen, along with dh and dd age 2ish then......we had an absolute blast and loved Norway!

saythatagain Mon 07-May-12 18:54:51

Enamel????? Embark!

merlin Mon 07-May-12 19:01:08

Thanks saythatagain - we've actually booked a 5 night cruise from Tromso up to Kirkenes and back for next Feb - hope to see the Northern Lights too!

saythatagain Mon 07-May-12 19:33:29

Major envy! I would go again in a flash. I hope you get to see the lights. I'm now drooling at all the lovely food we ate....a lot of it too. And the strawberry daiquiris we consumed - vast quantities also....! Im still trying to lose all the weight I gained; we went in 2006!!!!

merlin Mon 07-May-12 20:27:55

Daquiris? Now you're talking! Although will have our 2 DS with us so will have to not go too mad!!! We've booked a husky sledging trip too - can't wait!!!

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