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Celebrity versus P&O

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pudgemagoricus Sat 07-Apr-12 19:17:13

Hi there,
My parents have kindly offered to take my brother and his girlfriend, and my husband and I (plus by then 3 year-old daughter) on a cruise around the Fjords next May/June time. Any idea on whether Celebrity or P&O would be better for travelling with a child of this age? It is very unlikely that we'll need childcare in the evenings, but she adores nursery, so if I can prise my Mum away she will probably join in with activities during the day every now and then.
Thanks for tips!

nannyl Sat 14-Apr-12 20:33:47

I have done the fjords on P&O

been in P&O 4 times and cant fault it tbh... childcare / kids facilities amazing

Cant compare to celebrity but i can say i dont think P&O will dissapoint!

bear in mind that your 3 year old may want kids tea (rather than the posh restaurant food, though of course if she wants to eat in restaurant its fine, YOUR choice and as well as lobster / venison / wild bore, they always have salmon / chicken breast / steak on the menu, AND there is normally something more familiar too... spag bol / lasagne / fish pie etc etc... and if she has kids tea, there is loads going on in the kids clubs (until 10pm, last few hours = snuggles watching DVDs in a place comfy enough to sleep if they wish) (OR you can settle her into night nursery (by 8pm) and leave her sleeping in a bed while you enjoy the night (until 2am)

shopalot Fri 20-Apr-12 14:52:34

We are taking our three on p&o for the first time in September. So excited as cruised lots before children and without children for the odd weekend away.

Celebrity is IMO better that p&o ie it is 5 * as opposed to p&o which is considered 4* but you have to pay for the children's clubs etc as extras as I understand it. When we were on the eclipse last year we had a little look at the children's areas. With p&o everything is included and we have never had a complaint with p&o.

My only other thing to mention is that it may be very cold in the fjords in may/ June. Just thought I would mention it as it put us off a bit.

pudgemagoricus Sun 29-Apr-12 10:23:42

Thank you both for the info! Very helpful.

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