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Ferry Trip To Ireland Drama!

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BethanyAndTheCrew Sun 11-Dec-11 01:43:39

Hi, in September this year ( i was 7 months pregnant) me and my hubby took our 4 year old on his holidays to Ireland for his birthday. But we had to go onto a 3 hour ferry journey..through the night! it was a real hassle! We live in Durham ( the north-east of england) and we had to drive 3 hours down to Wales. We had to leave our house at 8PM ( Elliot's usual bedtime) and drive 3 hours down to Wales, and that was just the start. My LO needed the toilet when we were near the ferry point and only had to drive another half hour so we had to try and find a toilet and then quickly drive away so we could get there in time for the ferry leaving, NO TOILETS!! so well we used our camping Initiative and used the bushes. Then when we got to the ferry point my 4 year old was all Hyper-Active ( a bad thing for any parent to have to experience in a toddler) our dog had to be put in a cage for the whole time. We let our dog have a wonder around the car deck then we went to the top deck where my LO was running 3AM (bad sign?). Me and my hubby were so tired but was Elliot? no. He wanted to run around, good thing they had a children's activity gym, he enjoyed that but as soon as my hubby mentioned he was going to check on our Chihuahua in the car deck, Elliot wanted to go with him and we couldn't survive another tantrum so i took him to get something to drink and eat while hubby went to car deck. By the time Hubby got back, Elliot had ate a muffin and drank some Caprisun and crashed out onto one of the seats so we both just thought we would take a little nap BUT don't worry when Elliot wakes up Everyone has to know about it. After the 3 hours we were woken up by Elliot jumping around next to us and the tannoy of the ferry coming into Dublin (YES FINALLY MADE IT!) so Elliot was happy and i think i was as well. We all found the nearest exit to get downstairs because we had to see if Nina ( our dog) was ok. She seemed fine but we had another big journey ahead of us. 4 hour journey from Dublin to Ardmore! good thing Elliot slept through the whole 4 hours! grin

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