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baltic cruises

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chillistars Sun 10-Jul-11 17:03:08

Has anybody been on a baltic cruise - estonia, latvia, st petersburg etc through the Kiel canal? Any experiences to share would be greatly appreciated - we'll be cruising with 2 adults and 3 children - 12, 6 and 6.

nannyl Tue 19-Jul-11 09:41:29


it was fab.... didnt do kiel canal though. lots to see and do with children those ages.
My advice is (except for St Petersburg when you HAVE to) dont book tours with your cruise company... get maps and use the taxis there. The taxis will take you to the same places as the cruise tours except you will pay a fraction of the price.

Where you dock in st petersburg it reminds me of the war. Its a fair treck out into the mainland (from dock). There is LOTS to see and do in st petersburg but stay with your organised group and dont wander off, then you will be fine

edemame Sun 18-Mar-12 16:00:07

We went with Celeberty cruise line last summer, it was amazing. We went in a large group with other friends, one couple had a 8 year old and a year and half old baby. Our son was about 9 months, it was easy to get on and off, it was great! The kids loved the pools and the desert buffet smile

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