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Anyone been on a Disney med cruise

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bettiejane Sun 30-Jan-11 19:22:42

Please tell me about it....

strandednomore Mon 31-Jan-11 19:09:10

No but I want to - we have been to Disneyworld and the dd's loved it, plus they really want to go on a cruise (we lived somewhere where we used to see cruise ships coming in every day). I have read good things about the Med cruises. But it's just ££££££ isn't it?!

Sorry not much help but bumping for you anyway....

KTk9 Wed 05-Oct-11 12:13:40


Old thread I know, but we have been on a couple now. Let me know if you still want info.

Aftereightsaremine Wed 05-Oct-11 12:15:28

Best holiday we have EVER had! & worth every £££!

KatharineClifton Wed 05-Oct-11 12:21:09

I don't think they are doing them in 2012 though.

KTk9 Wed 05-Oct-11 22:33:53

No, there are no cruises in the Med for 2012, but they still have three ships, The Magic, The Wonder and the new ship, The Dream, over the pond.

They are currently doing cruises in Alaska, New York/New England and the Carribean.

There is another ship being built, The Fantasy, which will sail at the beginning of next year.

There are rumours that one of the ships will be back in the Med for 2013, so fingers crossed!

We sailed around the Med out of Barcelona, but the rumour is that it will either be in Cittiavecchia (Rome), or Venice. However, Disney could change things and all the ships stay over in the States.

Itineraries are said to be out in mid October.

Madsometimes Tue 03-Jan-12 17:36:07

No I haven't, but we were booked on one in Summer 2011. We stayed at the airport hotel the night before we were due to fly to Barcelona. We had our dinner and went out for a walk, and my 8 year old started getting grouchy, so we went back to the room. Cue projectile vomiting all over the carpet.

That night I slept in the sofa bed with her, and she was sick every hour. In the morning the runs began, frequently accompanied with vomiting. Our flight was 9 am. We didn't know what to do, whether to go to the airport or not. We had insurance, but would they cover a vomiting virus which would resolve in 3 days? We called he out of hours GP, but they would not tell us whether or not to get on the plane. We called British Airways, and they said they would allow her on the plane. We called Disney, and they said she would have to be examined by the ship's doctor before any decision could be allowed about if she would be allowed on the boat. She could not preempt his decision, but she may be confined to quarters if allowed to board.

We did what we had to do. We didn't fly. At 9.30, dd2 had an uncontrolled vomit and runs, and did not make the toilet. We were due to be on the plane, and we knew that whatever happened, we had made the right choice. Instead, we took her straight to our GP for an examination. We called the insurance company, got the claims form and had a nervous three week wait. They paid up in full.

We were looking forward to rebooking this summer, but unfortunately that is not going to happen because we do not want to go from the States.

whereismymind73 Sat 24-Mar-12 18:28:02

We've been on 5 Disney Cruises (2 of which were in the Med -2010 and 2011) we have booked again for 2013 smile It's a fantastic holiday and really good value for money. I would highly recommend.

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