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Advice on Beverage packages on Celebrity

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TheYearOfTheCat Fri 15-Oct-10 20:51:46

We are going on Celebrity Eclipse next week for an 11 night cruise to the Canaries. grin

We are trying to decide what to do about drinks packages. A non-alcoholic drinks package is about £80, whereas the alcoholic drinks package - i.e. package which includes alcohol, not just for alcoholics blush- (which includes all the non-alcoholic drinks, as well as wine, beers and cocktails by the glass) is about £280.

Me and DH are thinking of getting one of each, so that when we get a round, we get a soft drink and an alcoholic one, and take it in turns.

The alternative is to both get the non-alcol package and order bottles of wine with dinner, but I have e-mailed to ask for a wine list, and they say they can't provide one.

Has anyone been on the ship? Does this seem like a feasible idea?

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