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what should dh wear?

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gettingalifenow Wed 18-Jul-12 13:45:16

We are going on our second royal Caribbean cruise in a couple of weeks and DH and DS will wear tuxedos for the formal nights (2 in a week cruise) and then jacket with trousers on the other nights, maybe not ties. But that's in the main dining room. In the buffet restaurant thee no need to get dressed up.

Tbh, about 1/3 of guys seemed to wear tuxedos on the formal night, another third in suits or blazers, another third in shirts or even polo shirts.

early80sgirl Mon 18-Jun-12 20:11:32

We went last year on tha allure of the seas and eh wore a nice cream linen suit from debenhams a few men seemed to be wearing them , they look really nice x

Yingers74 Sun 08-Aug-10 18:25:39

we just got back from one with royal carrib. They normally have afew formal nights which you need to dress up for but this is optional as you can also opt to eat at the more casual buffet restaurant on any night. No bathing suits or topless men at the buffet restaurants, otherwise anything goes! Shorts are fine for the buffet restaurant On the non formal nights,casaul trousers/tops are fine for the silver service dining room. They love kids so will be fine about kids wearing shorts, although my girls wore pretty dresses on formal nights (others who took it more seriously made their children wear tuxes and ball gowns!!! but this is not necessary).

Have fun!

geordieminx Sun 01-Aug-10 21:14:55

No shorts to dinner apparently.. although I'm hoping that doesnt apply to ds grin

mumonthenet Sun 01-Aug-10 17:41:11

But for god's sake get him some nice slightly tailored shorts which come to the knee, continental men wear those with a polo shirt (i.e. t shirt with a collar), docksiders, (and always a belt) and look great.

Don't let him wear shorts that come half way down the thigh....soooo unstylish.

geordieminx Sun 01-Aug-10 17:29:21

I'm not that worried about me I --have -- at least an ounce of style unlike dh, have loads of maxi dresses that can be dressed up.

TBH we are doing early dining, and will probably do the buffet a few times - cant see us being anywhere near the captains table grin

MmeRedWhiteandBlueberry Sun 01-Aug-10 15:21:15

For slacks, be a rebel and wear chinos (you can get them fairly inexpensively from Debenhams).

Shoes would be boat shoes/docksiders/moccasins(sp?), not trainers. As an Englishman, very shiny brogues would be in order grin.

The more pressing question is what are you going to wear?

geordieminx Sun 01-Aug-10 15:09:57

thats the problem...the website says "slacks" grin dh does jeans or black work trousers.. What footwear does one year with "slacks" anyway?I'm guessing its not cons or adidas samba? PMSL

MmeRedWhiteandBlueberry Sun 01-Aug-10 14:21:34

Look at the company website - they tell you what to wear.

MmeRedWhiteandBlueberry Sun 01-Aug-10 14:19:32

If the cruise is for mostly American passengers, it will be fairly casual, ie shorts and polo shirts.

He would be expected to dress up for the Captain's dinner - very light suit. Other dinners will be casual - chinos and a polo shirt or short sleeved dress shirt.

LynetteScavo Sun 01-Aug-10 14:19:19

There is a "cruises" topic? shock

Sorry, I've never been on a cruise, so can't help.grin

geordieminx Sun 01-Aug-10 14:12:03

we are off on a royal caribbean cruise soon. Struggling with what dh should wear. We are keen to go as casual as possible, esp since we will have ds (3) with us, so will be dining early, although we dont want look out of place IYKWIM .

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