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MsBilboa Sat 11-Aug-18 23:06:46

Hello everyone,
I'm new here and mummy to a wonderful 15th month old. I'd just like some advice as we had a situation on Tuesday regarding our next door neighbour. We live in a terrace house and share a passage way and front door. On Tuesday she started texting my partner wanting £125 to paint the door ( steep I know) my partner agreed as long as she added a new letterbox and door latch. We'd been having problems with her for a while and as she is supposed to be moving soon we just wanted to just keep things as calm as possible and let her move on. She demanded more money and my partner refused saying we would sort it with the new neighbours and not to worry. From that point she verbally abused my partner with foul language (she was drinking at this point) and when my partner picked me up from work I told him to ignore he msg's and go have a cuppa with his dad to settle down. She continued on with the msg's. My partners Dad went around to have a word with her and she threw a water can at him and tried to strangle him. She knocked my partners glasses off in the process of him trying to free his dad. We rang the police and as we waited she started banging at our door. We told her we'd wait for the police and to go away. She proceeded to smash in our door pane with a hammer, shattering glass all over the hallway, up the stairs and into the living room. We have a stair gate where my baby girl stands in the living room and if my partner hadn't been holding her at the time I'd dread to think what would have happened. We had to go out the front window to get away from her and seek refuge at our other neighbours. She was arrested but I am really upset and scared as she was let out the following night and has since told the police that we have lied. She has offered a written apology and to pay for damages but I am more concerned with the safety of my child. Any advice would be much appreciated thank you.

MarciaClark Sat 25-Aug-18 15:04:34

She may have told the police that you lied but if the evidence is there in front of them then she would not be offering an apology or offering to pay for the damage. It sounds like she has been given something called a conditional caution where she accepts a police caution for the damage on the condition that she pays for it and apologizes to you as the victim of the crime.
Is your property rented? If so then if you contact your landlord or landlady and inform them of the incident then they may be able to take action to evict them.

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