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Just caught an attempted break in.

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Pumpkinbee Thu 09-Nov-17 04:17:54

I cannot sleep and I'm shaking like a leaf. DH picked me up from my midnight finish from work. We got home about 15/20 minutes later. We watched end of a program we hadn't finished and he went off to bed. I had had a lot of caffeine before I finished work so I stayed up reading on my phone in the living room. Lights were all on and TV was too although I muted it while I read. The door to the kitchen was wide open as I had been in and out of it earlier on when I got home. About half hour after DH went to bed I heard a noise in our kitchen, the cat jumped off my lap and ran to the back door. I started to get up and wrapped the blanket round me as earlier on I had kicked off my jeans and I was just lounging in my knickers and top in case I fell asleep on the couch which happens often after my midnight finish. As I came in to view of the doorway I saw a man at my back door trying to turn away from me and he ran as I started screaming bloody murder to wake up my DH. We called Police who came out and took my statement and checked out the garden and all around the house. I'm at a loss, I feel terrified as I simply cannot get my head round why he would try to break in when it was so obvious I was up and in the living room. The lights were on and TV playing was visible from where he was standing trying to get in. That's what really chills me to the bone, was he trying to get in thinking I was asleep on the couch? There was a family tied up, threatened and robbed in our area over Halloween and one of the suspects sort of matches description of the man I saw tonight, I just didn't see his face clearly enough though. I'm not sleeping tonight all. I'm keeping myself up until it's light outside. Every time I try to close my eyes I just see this man at the back door and I feel sick and start shaking again.

skukuza Thu 09-Nov-17 04:23:04

Oh poor you. That sounds absolutely terrifying. It's good you managed to raise the alarm before he got any further. Hope you are all ok.

TanteRose Thu 09-Nov-17 04:25:09

Oh you poor thing - that's terrifying sad shock

its probably too early to suggest practical ways to make you feel safe in your own home again - but extra locks, alarms etc. would maybe give you peace of mind.

Does your area offer some kind of crime counselling (if there is even such a thing)? Or some advisory service that will give you ways to deal with what you've been through.
It sounds very traumatic flowers

Pumpkinbee Thu 09-Nov-17 05:06:30

The officers responding said a victim support team will call me tomorrow even if its just to discuss security. I'm phoning out alarm company in the morning to ask about different settings we can use that will be secure but that our cat won't trigger. We've even started talking about getting a guard dog. I'm just so gutted, I love our street and our neighbourhood but this is downright disturbing and I'm dreading having to tell ourt neighbours tomorrow as we all have gates in our gardens along our terracr so if he tried ours he might have tried theirs too so they need to know.

CheeseyToast Sat 16-Dec-17 23:14:58

So sorry this happened to you OP and I hope you are feeling a bit better now.

Gosh I always lock my front and back doors, even when home. The only ones I leave open are to the decks which are inaccessible except from within the house. A lot of burglaries are over in seconds, burglars don't care what the situation is, they just want your stuff. Look after yourself.

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