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Shaken. Did I just foil an attempted break in?

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GerbitaFillsbottomMcSimmons Thu 25-May-17 16:15:33

I think someone was going to attempt to break into my home while I was in it! I live in a Victorian terrace and have the blinds open on the front bay window. I am home alone and was laying down on a low chaise in the bay window so you can only see me if close to the window, not from street. I heard our front gate open and looked out to see a very scary looking man standing at my door. I popped my head up and he was shocked to see me. I said "Can I help you?" He stared at me quite aggressively for what felt like 30 seconds, said nothing, then turned around and got into a small van which sped off. Was he about to knock on my door to see if anyone was home? Makes me furious to think what his motives might have been. Honestly the way he looked at me was chilling. I feel quite shaken!

MyNameIsNotYourName Thu 25-May-17 16:17:31

Be on the watch out incase he comes back, if he does try and get his number plate on his van

gleam Thu 25-May-17 16:17:46

Could have been a wrong address, so he was surprised?

Cup of hot, sweet tea?

Empireoftheclouds Thu 25-May-17 16:17:54

That wouldn't shout break in to me tbh, if he was planning to burgle you surely he would just have made an excuse when you spoke to him. The fact that he looked at you as he did would make me wonder if he was trying to trace you or your DP or even the previous remnants of the house

Fluffypinkpyjamas Thu 25-May-17 16:22:47

He could well have been seeing if he could get in before realising someone was home. THIS is exactly why it's important to keep doors and windows locked even when you're home. Glad you're ok OP.

GerbitaFillsbottomMcSimmons Thu 25-May-17 16:27:18

Thanks everyone. I did try and take a photo of him as he walked off but I was too shaken and I took a photo of the floor confused. The van sped off too quickly for me to see the number plate but I will keep a look out now. Honestly it was the way the gentlemen looked that frightened me. He looked like a gang member (not one to profile someone on the way they look but he did) and he stared straight through me. He was not someone who you would usually see visiting on our street. Gleam, sipping one right now, thank you.

Lasagnabreath Tue 06-Jun-17 01:44:51

I'd have been so scared and slept elsewhere if I could. In fact I'd probably call the police for advice blush I dread the thought of living alone scares me lol

CondensedMilkSarnies Tue 06-Jun-17 01:49:58

Did you get a good look at him ? Enough to recognise him again ? It might be worth a visit to the police station tomorrow and give a description. It might be someone the police are aware of .

Hope you get some sleep .

DontCallmethat Tue 06-Jun-17 02:30:38

Bloody hell I bet that was freaky! Hope you are ok. Don't know what I'd do in a situation like that, bless you

1moreRep Wed 21-Mar-18 07:19:35

just wanted to offer a bit of reassurance.

he would have probably been a handy man touting for work which may have lead to him distracting you then stealing from you. they do it in teams up and down the country but prey on elderly people mostly. he more than likely wouldn't bother you again as you are alert and scared him off. keep a lookout to see if they return and knock on your neighbours. jot the reg and get a photo and email it your local force. The police will be greatful of the intel

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