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Requested as witness to driving offence

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Lindseyn Tue 14-Feb-17 15:51:21

Lastly year whilst driving home from a meal, another car deliberately pulled in front of us & slammed on the brakes as though to cause an accident. This happened 3 times along the road & my husband had to swerve into bus lane & through almost red light to avoid. He also swore at me when I shouted I had young kids in the car.
Eventually he got bored & drove off.

We called 101 that evening to report & later sent a statement as requested. Mainly reported so we didn't get a ticket for bus lane etc & in case he had caused an accident with someone else.

I now have to go to court as he has been charged with driving without due care & attention & pleaded not guilty.
I just called to ask how it will work & they said he will know my name etc & will be present. He will also be in the same waiting room before we go in.

He's obviously an awful person & feel he will know everything about me.
He will probably just be fined as not huge offence. If we don't go, it will be dismissed.


MissingMySleep Wed 15-Feb-17 10:14:13

first instinct is that I would go, but if he won't get much of a fine, is it possible that they can just use your police report?

Has he got access to all your information already or only if you go to court?

lilyblossom1201 Mon 17-Apr-17 23:07:04

If your a witness against him you should be in a separate witness room as there is usually one for the witnesses for the accused and another room for the against. As far as I'm aware his solicitor can give him your name and may even have read a copy of your statement to the accused to. I'm sure every court has there own rules but keep your fingers crossed he pleads guilty or the judge/ jury decide there is enough evidence against him to prosecute without you having to stand and give your side. Good luck x

lilyblossom1201 Mon 17-Apr-17 23:10:40

Also try not to worry to much about him knowing your information as if he doesn't get sentenced on the court date if you are able to express your concerns to your solicitor or the procurator fiscal they may be able to add special bail conditions meaning he can't be near you or your Street, place of work etc and if he does he will get picked up by a special taxi for breaching conditions. Seek advise before court date they have leaflets for being a witness to ease the process as people find it very difficult especially if it's a first time.

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