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Which of these true crime documentaries have you seen?

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KimmySchmidtsFakeXmasSmile Mon 09-Jan-17 19:12:55


Thought I would christen this topic with hopefully something not too controversial.

First of all I have to confess I do not know whether the above fifteen are still available or only available in certain countries.
The list is as follows:
15 Little Hope was arson
14 The Fear of 13 *now this I do want to see as it was in Kermode's top ten films of the year
13 Biggie and Tupac (DP made me see this I think but I preferred Kurt and Courtney)
12 The Witness: I have heard of this one when I was looking up Bystander effect/civil courage
11 Amanda Knox: Yep. Guilty of seeing this one. Journo was a total reptile.
10 Tabloid
9 Team Foxcatcher
8 Shenandoah
7 Aileen: Saw this a long time ago
6 Who took Johnny?
5 The imposter: I want to see this. I remember reading an article about Nicholas/Frederic. Will link if I can find.
4 Cartel land
3 Making a murderer: Part way through it
2 Into the abyss
1 The thin blue line: Saw on Louis Theroux's recommendation

Any to add to the list? Thoughts on the above list?
I also note netflix are doing a new documentary on Jonbenet. I am not sure what I think about that as there have been so many of late. Amanda Knox was accused of being exploitative but at least gave an insight into the journalist and had new interviews. I will hold fire until it comes out. I still think the part of the case that really does need inspection is the (in)action of the two DAs. Would like to see them interviewed.

I will ask MNHQ to move some other threads to this topic.
Please be aware of the following for this and future threads:
Any comments on cases with injunction: threads get pulled
Any naming of people/opinions on involvement: threads get pulled or compromised
Any attempted derailing because for many all true crime = penny dreadfuls: threads get compromised

Here is a link to the Frederic Bourdon case article I first read on the case.

KimmySchmidtsFakeXmasSmile Mon 09-Jan-17 19:19:17

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Mon 09-Jan-17 19:19:42

Which category on netflix would I find these, please? I'm not very techy, but I am really interested in true crime.

KimmySchmidtsFakeXmasSmile Mon 09-Jan-17 19:25:07

I would guess documentaries but I just searched for the imposter: not available for me (I am not in UK). However other suggested titles including some of the above then came up (Foxcatcher, Fear of 13 etc)

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 09-Jan-17 19:28:04

I saw Making of a Murderer,I binge watched it and was horrified.

I missed the whole Amanda Knox thing when it was happening as I spent a lot of time in hospital at the time and was clueless. The only thing I've seen about it really is the Netflix doc and so I've nothing else to compare it to .

I am a bit obsessed ATM with the whole JBR murder - I remeber when it happened. I'm not obsessed with who did it more how the HELL did the police make SUCH a fuck up of the crime scene etc. I lose hours reading Websleuths and it's scary stuff. Interesting Netflix is making a doc. The was a 2 hour show on last night on yourTV which was utter crap and just a rehashing of Perfect Town Perfect Murder (?)

KimmySchmidtsFakeXmasSmile Mon 09-Jan-17 19:29:32

The imposter but with subtitles you'll have to ignore (audio English)

BreatheDeep Mon 09-Jan-17 19:43:22

Tabloid - one of the strangest crime docs I have watched! Such a strange story and the woman is weird too. Really enjoyed it though.

UnbornMortificado Mon 09-Jan-17 19:47:05

Interesting discussion. A lot of crime thread on here get shouted down and compared to discussing a certain recent case or compromised.

KimmySchmidtsFakeXmasSmile Mon 09-Jan-17 19:50:06

Sorry I went down a rabbit hole of Why did Lois take his old blog/website down? His favourite docs above (only three are crime) but on the blog some commenters had added theirs. Oh well.

I read much of the Amanda Knox case because the MN threads had some posters local to the area and who knew far far than me.

oklumberjack Mon 09-Jan-17 19:56:55

It's not really crime, but I found 'Holy Hell' really interesting. It's about siblings who got sucked into a weird cult-like group in the 90's. Satisfying ending and just ended up really creepy.

KimmySchmidtsFakeXmasSmile Mon 09-Jan-17 20:06:09

^The Yara Gambarazio case. Shows just how awesome Ruggeri and Mocerino were. Bossetti got life thanks to their work.

KimmySchmidtsFakeXmasSmile Mon 09-Jan-17 20:16:52

Indeed unborn so many thought as long as it does not become libellous and hard for MNHQ to monitor, that true crime threads would be best served in a topic others could hide if they found the discussions unsavoury, ghoulish or insensitive. I have no problem with true crime as a genre: there are sensationalist cash-in books out there but on the other hand you have Capote. Films based on crime like Zodiac and Changeling were Oscar worthy with good reason. Investigative journalism and documentaries can be incredible.

ilovesooty Mon 09-Jan-17 22:53:57

I've seen Aileen. I thought it was really sad.

I watched a documentary about Andrea Yates recently. I can't remember what it was called but it was very moving.

Schwifty Thu 12-Jan-17 22:39:45

Hi all, this should be interesting, I hope the link works:

It makes me think of "The Lying Game: The Crimes That Fooled Britain", which was on a few years ago, also worth looking up.

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