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Who wants to join my February challange - 28 nights, 28 meals, £28 ?

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stormforce10 Thu 31-Jan-13 17:31:59

This is one for those food horders out there who like me have over stocked freezers and cupboards. The challange is to plan up 28 evening meals based on what's there and spend £28 or less on any extras you don't have in stock This is ONLY for evening meals so you can still spend on breakfast and lunch.

I will be posting my menu plan here later on.

Geranium3 Thu 31-Jan-13 20:02:05

Can't wait to see your mealplan OP, sounds admirable, don't think i could achieve it but maybe i will be inspired by your menu plan, well done!

Twinkletoes91 Thu 31-Jan-13 20:41:23

May join in :D

stormforce10 Fri 01-Feb-13 10:35:12

Here goes. Not surprised there aren't a surge of volunteers grin Wish me luck.

I'm amazed how much stuff we have in stock. I'll mainly be spending my £28 on salad, veg and potatoes. I think a trip to the market is in order.

These meals are not in the order I'm planning to eat them by the way and I may change things round if I find something different in the depths of my freezer or cupboards. I've put the things I'll need to buy underneath. I'm expecting to get at least 4 meals off the chicken as its a big one but if I don't wil substitute something for one of the chicken meals

1. Pasta bolgonaise
2. roast chicken, roast potatos, leeks in white sauce, broccoli and green beans
3. Chicken curry, rice and naan bread
4. mini pizzas (weren't used at christmas party), potato wedges and beans
5. leek, bacon and blue cheese soup with garlic bread
6. smoked salmon, tomato and creme fraiche pasta
7. chicken and veg stir fry with noodles
8. baked potatos, tuna mayo and sweetcorn
9. roast lamb from freezer, boiled potatos, mixed veg and gravy
10. ham and cheese omlettes, salad and new potatos
11. chilli con carne, rice , salad
12. mini chicken satay sticks, cous cous and salad
12. fish fingers chips and beans
13. pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce
13. chicken and veg soup with bread and cheese
14. sausage and mash, cabbage
15. shepherds pie, broccoli and carrots
16. pasta in tomato sauce with chirizo, olives and sun dried tomato
17. chick pea curry and naan bread
18. macaroni cheese
19. butternut squash soup with bread and cheese
20. tuna hash
21. lamb burgers, rolls and salad
22. meatloaf beans and mashed potatos
23. fish pie
24. baked potatos, baked beans and cheese
25. mixed bean soup
26. chicken thighs, cous cous and salad
27.spanish omlette
28. cheese and onion pie, beans

Shopping list

cucumber x 2 (£1 in market)
tomatoes (£1 market)
lettuce (?70p market)
potatoes ( 10-12 large ones) - not sure budgeting £2 in market)
6 eggs (about 95p in aldi)
broccoli (£1 in market)
tin of kidney beans (about 20p in aldi)
burger rolls (£1.50ish)

£8.35ish so far though will put in real costs when I've spent it.

Remaining budget £19.65

stormforce10 Fri 01-Feb-13 14:05:46

hope no one minds me rambling on - no one has to read rhe demented ramblins of a 30 something on an economy drive grin

Just discovered Aldi have broccoli in their super 6 this week for just 39p so that will be in the basket when I do my shopping on Tuesday. Also fond a tin of kidney beans in the cupboard so no need to buy those after all. Have decided to add onions to shopping list (again in the aldi super six at 39p)

Am going to keep a spreadsheet of the shopping and cost.

Today is easy - we're having meal number 13 - meatballs, sauce and pasta and I will add the garlic bread we have lurking in the fridge as its on its use by date.

DP says I'm mad grin

Bejeena Fri 01-Feb-13 15:24:38

Oh yes please I would love to do this. We are in € though, I can try and keep it to 28€ but will have to see. My freezer has more than it should and I still have some veg left over from the allotment crop last year that I need to get shot of.

My plan is:

Fri: Muscle & tomato stew
Sat: been invited out
Sun: Beef casserole
Mon: Either lentil curry or turkey chilli
Tue: Bangers & mash
Wed: Pasta & tomato sauce

Hmmm our other challenge was to eat 3 vegetarian meals a week, need to improve on that one.

Shopping list


Bejeena Fri 01-Feb-13 15:25:43

That is my plan so far I meant to say, am doing it weekly ish!

Bejeena Fri 01-Feb-13 15:26:45

Oh I see you have done the 28 meals and just will pick random ones depending on what you fancy. This is a good idea I think I should do this on weekend.

stormforce10 Sat 02-Feb-13 16:09:06

Rambling on.

Welcome Bejeena, good luck. I think you should have more than 28 euros as a euro is worth less than £1 - about 87p I think.

Today we went out to lunch at friends and were fed huge amounts of stuff. Tonight I'm just going to make soup for anyone who wants it and freeze any left overs. So we're having meal 19 - butternut squash soup with bread and cheese if wanted.

Still have my £28 intact but it is only day 2 grin

Tomorrow I'll cook the chicken

stormforce10 Sun 03-Feb-13 11:06:25

Off to pop the chicken in the oven and peel and parboil the potatos for roasting.

I have just noticed I actually have 29 meals in my list as I did number 13 twice

Bejeena Sun 03-Feb-13 13:03:19

OK so I have been through the freezer and have a meal plan sorted I have 27 meals on mine, bearing in mind we are 2 days in and also next weekend think we are going to friends one evening. So I have some extras just in case.

Hubby and I have decided that we can do it on 50€ for the whole month but this would be including our breakfast and lunches too. Also we have a fair amount of veg in our freezer as we have an allotment and couldn't eat all of last years harvest. It might be optimistic but we'll see, the point of this isn't so much the cost anyway. My aim is to be able to defrost my chest freezer before Easter so that we can start again with a fresh lot of meals and produce to freeze from allotment this year.

I have done an excel sheet and cross referenced it so we can filter into meals that are just already in freezer and only need to be defrosted/heated up, meals that hubby can cook (am 12 weeks pregnant so not always feeling 100%), meals we need extra shopping for and also meals that double up and we take leftovers for lunch (ie bolognaise, soup etc)

Am planning on making a lot of my bread in bread machine. I think at the moment only things I need to buy are

Possibly some veg for roasts (our crops are only parsnip, squash and sprouts and allotment at the moment, need to see how long they last)

Bejeena Sun 03-Feb-13 13:06:45

will post the meal plan later, when hubby is back from allotment and can convert it to text for me, am to lazy to do it myself and get frustrated!!

Today we are having casserole, will be putting that on in a bit and also making a marrow and potato soup for tomorrow so all we have to do is warm it up after work. Then I hope to go out for a run!

oh will also be putting a loaf on for sandwiches tomorrow for lunch.

11Plustrauma Sun 03-Feb-13 13:09:39

What beats me isn't the main meals I can do evening meals and could definitely feed us for the month on what's in the cupboards, it's the packed lunches that scupper me.

Geranium3 Sun 03-Feb-13 18:53:31

Wow! I'm impressed stormforce, all your meals we would eat here, sounds delicious, i shall be watcing with interest

Bejeena Mon 04-Feb-13 12:36:42

11Plustrauma I guess I am lucky there both hubby and I can take things to be warmed up in work so usually have leftovers and I freeze things in small containers for us to take. We are lucky we can do this, I guess if you have kids or can't warm up then it is a lot harder.

I forgot to post the meals last night and now excel sheet is at home will do it later.

I think tonight will be vegetable curry that just needs to be defrosted and warmed up, it's Monday and I feel lazy!

stormforce10 Mon 04-Feb-13 13:55:23

We had number 1 (roast chicken) yesterday. Today is number 17 chick pea curry

11plustrauma - do you have food flasks? Would your children eat things like bolonaise or chilli or soup from them (ie left overs)? Guessing from your name they or at least on of them is at the tail end of primary school so possible they wouldn't be too keen. Thankfully DD's school has quite reasonable school meals so she has those but some are not worth eating

Veg curry sounds good Bejeena. I've got various things frozentoo its nice sometmes just to defrost and heat

11Plustrauma Mon 04-Feb-13 14:30:34

I actually have a fridge full of slightly bendy veg and a veg curry sounds like a great idea for tomorrow

Bejeena Mon 04-Feb-13 14:42:01

That is how my veg curry started out about a month ago! I don't think I have ever planned to make a veg curry, is always one of those using stuff up things!

11Plustrauma Mon 04-Feb-13 14:54:06

Foodflasks is a great idea - I don't have any and was looking at them the other day - do they stay warm enough?

Bejeena Mon 04-Feb-13 15:36:28

I think the good quality flasks keep food warm for about 4-5 hours but not sure as have never used them. I have got my list together, seem to be 1 meal short not sure what I have done. There are some things double as we have enough for 2 meals.

1Turkey Chilli
2Lentil Daal
3Gamon steaks, chips and peas
4Bangers and mash
5Bangers and mash
6Anchovy pasta
7Scampi & chips
8Scampi & Chips
9Vegetable curry
10Beef, chickpea & butternut curry
11Nigella meatballs
12spaghetti bolognaise
13roast lamb
14lamb leftover rice dish
15marrow potato & sage soup
16pasta & arrabiata sauce
18roast pork & trimmings
19bubble & squeek
20fish pie
21shephards pie
22kale & chroizo broth
23spinach & sweet potato stew
24lentil & beef madras
25Veg soup followed by apple crumble
26Pizza evening friends over (homemade pizzas)
27Beef casserole

So tonight is number 9 veg curry. It was supposed to be 15 but I really don't think I can face making the soup on a Monday, so will have it tomorrow I think.

Bejeena Mon 04-Feb-13 15:37:39

Drat apologies for awful formatting making it hard to read. sad

wheredidiputit Mon 04-Feb-13 16:17:19

11Plustrauma Mon 04-Feb-13 14:54:06

Foodflasks is a great idea - I don't have any and was looking at them the other day - do they stay warm enough?

My DH has this one.

And it keeps his food hot from 8amish to at least 3pmish when he has eaten his lunch. But it is still boiling hot at 12/1 if he eats lunch at a normal time.

stormforce10 Mon 04-Feb-13 19:21:39

Just had yummy chickpea curry. The £28 is still intact. I don't know how long that will be the case grin

Chicken and veg soup tomorrow night. I think I'll bulk it out with dried pulses so it may be freezable for an extra meal as well

stormforce10 Mon 04-Feb-13 20:04:54

Bejeena your menu is lovely. You've reminded me we have a bag of risotto rice. I may substitute chicken stirfry with chicken and leek risotto. Choices choices smile

Bejeena Mon 04-Feb-13 20:27:51

Ah I am sure to randomly switch things around too depending on what mood I am in! :-)

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