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electricity+gas monthly

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paneer Thu 03-Jan-13 21:15:00

Sorry if this has been done before but how much is your monthly DD for electricity+gas?

I am in a 3 bed end of terrace Edwardian and paying £139 monthly. I switched suppliers in June, it was £148 before. It's just me and DD. Does this sound like a lot? Was talking to some friends and they said they were paying £70 each month but in the Midlands - does that make a difference?

Flossiechops Thu 03-Jan-13 21:24:21

Hi there, I am in the Midalnds too. I metre read each month so my bills are precise. My highest combined last year was around £235 (after Christmas) and the lowest was £75 which was in the summer. I don't think yours is too bad at all. We love in a 3 story 4 bed Edwardian Semi. I personally prefer to submit readings as I was previously paying £200 a month all through the year but was massively in credit by around £850, I had this refunded when I switched suppliers. Hth

Flossiechops Thu 03-Jan-13 21:25:22

Sorry meant to say 'Midlands'! Your friends must either live in a very small house/flat or have their heating on very little!

paneer Thu 03-Jan-13 21:33:14

Thanks, makes me feel better! I have been starting to submit more readings.

They are a retired couple in a 4 bed house!

chickensarmpit Thu 03-Jan-13 21:36:32

I'm on a meter and for some reason they won't let me have it billed monthly.
I pay anything between £50-£80 a week in the winter for my electric. I'm on economy 7 and i only use 2 heaters because they're so expensive. I don't use my tumble dryer either. I don't have gas.
Prices are pathetic and sometimes i turn the heaters off so my electric will last.

devonsmummy Thu 03-Jan-13 21:38:53

£82 for 2 bed end of terrace ( north facing wall at end of terrace) & I'm a sahm

Flossiechops Thu 03-Jan-13 21:41:11

Chickensarmpit, have you tried switching suppliers? We are with first utility, I compared all of my consumption and used a few search engines. Uswitch got us the best deal with first utility. I know not all companies allow you to submit readings but they had over £800 of mine sitting in their bank, imagine all of the interest on all of the over payments they re making!

chickensarmpit Thu 03-Jan-13 22:08:02

Yes Flossie i have. I just had a quick look at the Compare site. According to them i would be paying a lot more.
I had a letter off my supplier before Xmas saying my bill will go up by another £400 a year.
This country is the pits.

mercibucket Thu 03-Jan-13 22:11:57

more likely size of house/insulation/age of boiler
ours is 60 atm but we might be slightly underpaying, i submit readings every few months
3 bed semi but small, newish and new boiler

TheHouseofMirth Thu 03-Jan-13 22:26:50

We pay around £100 per month combined. 4 bed 3 storey house with minimal insulation and I'm at home most of the time. It did go down quite a bit when we had our combi boiler fitted 2 years ago.

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Thu 03-Jan-13 22:29:22

ours went up from £97 per month to £125 a month as we werent covering the gas/electricity we were using. 4 bed detached and I am at home most of the day.

TeWiSavesTheDay Thu 03-Jan-13 22:29:44

Is their 4 bed new?

We pay similar to keep a 3 bed newish end terrace house nice and cosy and warm as we did to be a bit chilly in a 2 bed 30s place... I do think the level on insulation etc makes a huge difference. Also depends a bit on type of boiler and that kind of thing.

I don't think your bills sound too bad. But there may be ways to cut back.

MumVsKids Thu 03-Jan-13 22:30:10

I'm midlands, 3 bed semi, and pay £91/month gas and £50/month electricity.

I think the gas is extortionate considering heating is on lowest setting and we have only 3 radiators on in the house.

LifeIsBetterInFlipFlops Thu 03-Jan-13 22:53:33

c£75 month in the South, 4 bedroom detached, no dishwasher or tumble drier; heating on in winter 5.30am-7.30am - and 4.30pm-8pm. Weekends it's on for longer, and when it's really cold in winter if I'm working from home I over-ride it but only after putting on tons of extra layers.

paneer Thu 03-Jan-13 22:56:02

my downstairs is really drafty and massive windows. but my roof is well insulated. gas fire I rarely use. double glazing and combi boiler.
think I need an owl to work out where its going.

LifeIsBetterInFlipFlops Thu 03-Jan-13 23:18:31

It does sound a lot of money. How long do you have your heating on for ?

MirandaWest Fri 04-Jan-13 00:33:44

I pay about £85 a month but that's a fixed DD and I only switched suppliers in May so won't know for a while whether it was right iyswim. I do meter readings each month so know that December was the highest at about £140 although I was at least quite in credit up until about October. Have put the thermostat down though I have to admit.

InMySpareTime Fri 04-Jan-13 07:50:52

46 a month combined, 4 bed semi in NW England, but very well insulated, efficient boiler, solar PV etc.

poshfrock Fri 04-Jan-13 07:58:06

We pay £63.50 a month combined for a 4 bed detached which is £30 a month less than when we lived in a 3 bed terrace. We had a new combi boiler installed in July and loft insulation fitted in Decemeber which has made a huge difference. The house stays warmer for longer and I've been able to turn the heating down by 1.5 degrees and turn it off an hour earlier each day. It's on for 1 hour in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. We have 12 radiators. I meter read monthly and we're with British Gas on their cheapest tariff.

Fairylea Fri 04-Jan-13 07:58:16

3 bed semi in Norfolk. We pay 105 for electric and 43 for gas..... but I use the tumble drier non stop!

poshfrock Fri 04-Jan-13 07:58:48

And we have both dishwasher and tumble dryer - used daily.

JambalayaCodfishPie Fri 04-Jan-13 11:46:48

I meter read every month and pay what iv'e used - just got the bill for 1 Dec-1 Jan, it was £158. More than usual, but obviously everyone has been home, and heating was on a lot - wasn't being cold for Christmas! grin

JambalayaCodfishPie Fri 04-Jan-13 11:47:01

4 bed semi, btw.

inchoccyheaven Fri 04-Jan-13 23:08:32

We pay £89 for both gas and electric. We have 3 bed house and I am at home all day.

FlatCapAndAWhippet Wed 09-Jan-13 20:57:20

£110, gas and electricity per month for us.

3 bed semi, combi boiler, good insulation and new extension to kitchen adding another 2 big radiators.

Only me and DD here too.

I submit a meter reading every month so that its accurate. £85 in credit as at the beginning of January. Nov and December totalled £280.

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