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This minimum income calculator scared the socks off me

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3inABIRDsnest Thu 15-Dec-11 19:09:13

So I'm at home, dh works in an ok job. I just did this:
minimum income calculator

We are below the minimum income. Make sure you adjust for the housing cost as it assumes you have cheap rent...

MrsCog Thu 15-Dec-11 19:31:24

There's no way I spend that much on anything - £78 a week on food! Much nearer £50 and that includes alcohol and £78 a week on social/cultural activities?!!

rootietootie Thu 15-Dec-11 19:50:07

it lies, it's telling me we have an extra £92 a week, and trust me, we definitely dont grin

SantasNutellaFairy Thu 15-Dec-11 19:56:34

It says we have an extra 27 a week. It didn't allow any alterations on petrol/ transport costs which are pretty high.

ChristinedePizanne Thu 15-Dec-11 20:01:04

I am on income support. I need an extra 192 a week. Which is pretty much true - without my savings, I am going to lose my house soon and I can't find a job sad

Lynli Thu 15-Dec-11 20:04:19

There is no way I could spend that little on anthing. I don't rent but if I did I wouldn't get a rabbit hutch for that. Everyhting on there needs to be trebled, apart from alcohol. Water rates £8?

ChristmasIsAcumenin Thu 15-Dec-11 20:08:26

You need an extra: £173.21 per week

That would be amazing!

Ambi Thu 15-Dec-11 20:10:13

Oooh I need an extra £120 per week

smackapacca Thu 15-Dec-11 22:57:45

OOOh apparently I spent £100 pw on Social and cultural activities and £6.86 pw on alcohol.

I am one culture vulture!

smackapacca Thu 15-Dec-11 22:58:16

But I still need another £45 pw. Think of the culture I'm missing out on! sad

NonnoMum Thu 15-Dec-11 23:04:44

Apparently we have £100 a week to live on. But over £50 of that is needed for transport.


LivingDead Thu 15-Dec-11 23:11:16

We need an extra £89 per week, which would be nice, I could pay ALL of my bills and buy my children new clothes. Sadly even if I get a job, we will still be just about breaking even.

LittleTyga Thu 15-Dec-11 23:14:25

Christmas me too - I need another £172 a week - once I set them straight on Gas costs and rent in London.....£72 per week rent????? maybe in 1976 but not today! think I'll print off my results and pop it in the post to No 10....if can afford a stamp!

LittleTyga Thu 15-Dec-11 23:16:26

^OOOh apparently I spent £100 pw on Social and cultural activities and £6.86 pw on alcohol.

I am one culture vulture!^

Chance would be a fine thing - £100 on going out? a year yes - a week wtf?

bruffin Thu 15-Dec-11 23:30:36

We apparently have a spare 151 extra so how com we can't afford a holiday or the newish car Dh needs to get to work

QED Thu 15-Dec-11 23:33:19

Those figures don't seem to be based that mych on reality.

My water direct debit has just been put down to £10 a month though.

3inABIRDsnest Thu 15-Dec-11 23:38:04

Didn't notice the socialising budget - does that include tv and Internet etc do you think, or is it just for the cinema? grin at the thought of going to the cinema!

dontletthebellsend Thu 15-Dec-11 23:43:05

£145 a week on social and cultural activities shock

I would love to know where you can rent a house for 5 people at £360 a month hmm

spiderslegs Thu 15-Dec-11 23:45:09

£6.80 on alcohol per week?

cece Thu 15-Dec-11 23:53:58

Apparently we have £325 per week spare!

Wonder where that is going then...

TheSecondComing Fri 16-Dec-11 00:07:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HarrietJones Fri 16-Dec-11 08:26:57

Apparently we are £57 short. Plus it's included £130 CTC. We don't get TC

HarrietJones Fri 16-Dec-11 08:28:40

Though food/alcohol/social is massively higher than we pay. Council tax etc is under estimated.

Merrylegs Fri 16-Dec-11 08:40:54

It's kind of accurate for us, but I would really like to know what 'people' (ie the ones surveyed?) think that we should all be entitled to. ie how many holidays a year does it include, if any?

I took the 'socialising' budget to also be anything spent on extra-curricular activities for the kids - eg music lessons, clubs, sports fees etc. If you factor those in it does kind of add up.

RillaBlythe Fri 16-Dec-11 14:57:38

intereting! we are about 5k short. don't' quite get it though.

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