Petrol is so expensive....

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TheJollyPirate Sat 24-Apr-10 17:31:36

As a parent on a lowish income (have work at least) every month is a bit of a struggle -am sure most of us feel the pinch at times. But petrol - oh my goodness. Every month I allow around £120 for petrol - it usually allows me to do my job plus school runs etc comfortably. This month it has been hideous - there is literally around 18 miles worth of petrol left. Thankfully this is JUST enough to hopefully get me through the school run, on to work, do my visits (am a HV) and the school run home. I get paid Tuesday and will have to go straight to the petrol station on Tuesday morning beofre the school run.
I haven't done any extra journeys and my work miles are fairly standard and in fact a bit less this mont as I had some time off over Easter.
I get no mileage as I have a lease car. Our local petrol station is at £1.21.9/litre at the moment. I think I am going to have to increase my petrol costs. Hmm! Now just have to decide who gets paid less.

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southeastastra Sat 24-Apr-10 17:34:09

how far is the school? and surely you get your mileage paid for work?

ChasingSquirrels Sat 24-Apr-10 17:34:48

it cost me just over £74 to fill up this week - I was shock

sarah293 Sat 24-Apr-10 17:53:49

Message withdrawn

bonkerz Sat 24-Apr-10 17:55:32

im spending £50 every 11 days. do 2 playschool runs a day and work and back and a supermarket run so approxiamtely 25-30 miles a day. its crippling me.

Alouiseg Sat 24-Apr-10 17:58:02

The worst thing about it is that the oil price dumped massively on Friday yet it won't be passed to the consumer.

For every £50 of petrol you put in your car, £35 goes straight to the Government in tax.

Oil costs are not high. The Government are abusing the motorist to plug their deficit.

We need some Mumsnet action. If we marched on Westminster about this the press would listen. Petrol prices could decide the election.

sarah293 Sat 24-Apr-10 17:58:04

Message withdrawn


Alouiseg Sat 24-Apr-10 18:08:53

enlisting support hopefully

Not thread jacking but wanting to run with it.

bonkerz Sat 24-Apr-10 18:09:01

i think thats the problem riven. In my case i do the bare minimum in my car. playschool is out in countryside so is 3 miles there and 3 miles back but along lanes that i would not walk or cycle down especially with 2x 4 year olds. Work is 5 miles away and i could catch the bus but thats £2.70 return and would add an extra hour and half to my childcare bill as well so cheaper to drive. I was getting tesco to deliver but found i was spending alot more that way so supermarket trip is essential!

TheJollyPirate Sat 24-Apr-10 18:19:17

Sadly not Riven - I don't get mileage as I have a lease car through work. It costs the NHS less to do this than pay mileage etc for me to use my own car. No will have to make sure I go for a very cheap lease car next timegrin

I work in a fairy urban area (although the geographical area I cover is big). Am going to make a pledge to walk to some of the visits of they are near the surgery, save petrol, get fitter etc etc......

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herbietea Sat 24-Apr-10 18:20:44

Message withdrawn

TheJollyPirate Sat 24-Apr-10 18:24:16

Oh I have definitely cut down on my driving which has to be a good thing. We certainly will NOT be driving anywhere tomorrow although will probably walk to the local park if the weather is good.

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bytheMoonlight Sat 24-Apr-10 18:28:08

We got rid of the car for the same reason as Riven, just couldnt't afford to run it anymore.

Now we walk or bus. Not possible to get everywhere and some things we miss out on but it's the only option atm.

I would imagine petrol is only going to rise and will never return to under £1/litre, so I think many will find themselves in our position in months to come.

IMHO it will become a luxury to run a car in 10 years and will be only used for vital work. People will start living more locally and there will be fewer cars on the road.

sarah293 Sat 24-Apr-10 18:32:44

Message withdrawn

TheJollyPirate Sat 24-Apr-10 18:39:06

Sadly have to agree that any cut is unlikely. Hmmm! Now then - DS is ASD, have had to cut my work hours to support him, maintainance comes in monthy but never at set times. Think I am going to have to sort out enough to live on, pay rent and council tax etc and all non-essential stuff will have to wait. sad

Hmm! Have one catalogue and an old credit card (no actual card anymore as cut it up) being paid off - might have to negotiate with them. Crap credit rating here I come.......

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sarah293 Sat 24-Apr-10 18:41:44

Message withdrawn

ChasingSquirrels Sat 24-Apr-10 18:43:10

A lease car, for which you aren't paid a mileage allowance sounds like a bad deal all round.

You are presumably paying tax on the provision of the car (as a benefit).

They could still pay you a mileage allowance (it would be a reduced amount so it just covered the actual fuel costs rather than any running costs) and I am really surprised that if you are having to do mileage for your work that they don't do this.

bonkerz Sat 24-Apr-10 18:43:12

dh bought our house 12 years ago and our mortgage is tiny compared to others(40k) we could not afford to move even if we wanted too. We could cut costs if i changed DDs playschool to one within walking distance but at the time 2 years ago it was the only one with spaces that was any good and she starts school in sept which is walking distance so dont want to disrupt her now.

herbietea Sat 24-Apr-10 18:46:03

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sat 24-Apr-10 18:49:21

Message withdrawn

IagreewithNick Sat 24-Apr-10 18:55:27

We are struggling as well to pay petrol and I cannot afford to live closer my place of work. My partner works from home so there are no petrol costs there.

3point14 Wed 28-Apr-10 00:30:55

I am looking at a small car, as new as I can justify and for around town short trips, a diesel is streets ahead. It wins hands down overall for fuel economy but on short trips it can be 50% plus over the same car in petrol.

mizu Fri 30-Apr-10 14:00:51

We spend at least £200 a month on petrol, that has prob gone up in the last few weeks though. £20-25 for me to get to and from work 4 days a week and DH gives someone £30 a week who works for the same company. Luckily dds school is just round the corner.

I would love not to have a car not just for financial reasons but environmental too. I am hopefully working on a different campus next academic year two days a week closer to home so that will help.

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