End of Recession? Really?!

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integritas Thu 28-Jan-10 14:55:38

And so, we are seemingly now out of the ‘Recession’. Well, to this I would say, “What recession?” What the Government and much of the media fail to acknowledge that for a large proportion of the population, who were not part of the prosperity boom, (ie, renters, public sector workers, students and all those not from a moneyed background) the so called ‘recession’ has made very little difference to their lives. Life has never stopped being an enormous struggle and we, that is to say, all those people who failed to benefit from the property boom, have lived an Orwellian existence, whereby the notion of prosperity we are fed from the media is held up starkly against the reality of our own lives. The ‘have nots’ are left feeling that somewhere in their deep and distant pasts they must done something truly evil to engender the blue print of their present situation. The fact is, the UK is not a meritocracy and it’s population are no more than pawns that are intermittently rearranged upon the political chessboard. Some are lucky, others less so. But let us examine the universal headline emblazoned across most of yesterdays press, “Recession Over!” , with the end of the ‘recession’ being discussed on the BBC. Those two words, placed side by side are gain representative of the UK media’s Orwellian doublespeak. Bill Gross Co-founder of Pimco, the world’s biggest buyer of bonds, claimed conversely that the UK economy lay on a “bed of nitroglycerine” and that the UK is a must to avoid. His views are particularly annoying to the Government as the head of Pimco’s European team is Andrew Balls, the brother of Ed Balls (UK Secretary for Education). Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman is quoted as saying, “The British economy has had the economic equivalent of a heart attack and is still very weak.” he goes on to say, and this is the bit which I find outrageous, “The economy remains dependent on artificial money creation…..” Hello? Excuse me! What exactly does that mean? Is he saying that the Bank of England is just merrily printing off more pieces of paper? Does this, therefore mean that I can do the same to clear my debt? Will this mean that eventually UK currency will be worthless and that we’ll be exposed to the dreaded downward spiral of hyper-inflation?
Still, as I made clear at the beginning of this piece, that won’t affect me, simply because I am a part of that gigantic enormous underbelly of people for whom there has been no economic gain during the last twelve years.

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blowbroth Thu 28-Jan-10 15:40:10

Do you feel better now you've got that off your chest? grin

Keepo Thu 28-Jan-10 15:45:53

"the so called ‘recession’ has made very little difference to their lives"

My DH has lost half of his work. I have lost hakf of mine. My three closest friends have lost their jobs. One of their husbands has lost his job. It has made a difference to our lives sadly.

integritas Thu 28-Jan-10 19:28:57

Yes, of course I realise that for many the recession has made a diffrence. What I was trying to draw attention to is that for some (partly due to Brown's refusal to regulate the housing market)the recession has made no difference whatsoever. The UK has managed to spawn a sizable section of the middle class with nothing left to lose, who are trapped in a spiraling cycle of debt and poverty. That is not to deny that there are many people like you and your friends who have been adversely affected.
Perhaps, for me, my main point was the comment made by Vince Cable "The economy remains dependent on artificial money creation..." The meaning of this would be interesting to clarify. (For all of us). The answer to which will determine whether or not I feel better(!)

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SarahTal Fri 29-Jan-10 16:08:56

I know! Can you believe it!!??!!

You heard it here first - <a href="http://www.debtadvisersdirect.co.uk/Debt-Advice-News/3043/Recession-ends.htm">http://www.debta dvisersdirect.co.uk/Debt-Advice-News/3043/Recession-ends.htm</a>.

It'll apparantly be some time till we feel the positive effects tho!

Hmmm. Strange how it kicked in so quick, yet it's going to take time to ease off. . .

SarahTal Fri 29-Jan-10 16:10:31

That was supposed to be [[http://www.debtadvisersdirect.co.uk/Debt-Advice-News/3043/Recession-ends.htm[[

(I hate that you have to link differently on different forums! It's just SOOO confusing!)

SarahTal Fri 29-Jan-10 16:11:12

Dear me! Hope this works!!!



integritas Sun 31-Jan-10 14:59:57

Have just looked up SarahTal's recommended site and was concerned to read that bailiff's may enter through an open door or window, surely that would constitute breaking and entering?! Check out aspiranthousewife.com and click on debt on the home page. It's not for everyone but for some it may help.

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LynetteScavo Sun 31-Jan-10 15:09:36

No, that would just be entering.

integritas Sun 31-Jan-10 16:25:15

But surely not legal. Particularly through a window?

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